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Changing the Fonts on Windows Mobile Smartphones.

Posted by , Sep 25 2005, 05:05 PM in Software and Registry

The following is how to setup your phone to use any .ttf font.

Note: The following involves modifing the registry, if you are not familar with the registry or not comfortable making modifications to the registry i'd suggest you familarize yourself before proceeding.

You will need the following:

1. the .ttf font you want to install
2. PHM registry editor. (you can use Smartione but this tutorial is focused on using PHM)

Step One: Putting the font in the correct directory.

Once you get ahold of the .ttf file for the font you want to use you need to install it in the following directory on your computer: \Storage\windows\Fonts in this folder at all times should be Nina.ttf this is nessasary because if the font you choose is corupted or is not compatable for some unknown reason the phone can default back to the nina font. If its not there you may have a big problem when rebooting after performing the registry modifications.

Step Two: Creating the nessasary keys.

On your phone start PHM Registry Editor, then go to the following key:


Now depending on your ROM the following key may already be in this directory, if it is then skip the step on creating it. Just enter the Value Data. You will have to make the FontPath key however.

Create the FontLink key:

In the directory mentioned above hit Menu, New Key and call it FontLink. Select the new key you created called FontLink and hit the action button. Now hit Menu, New Key and call it SystemLink. So know you have the key FontLink with the key SystemLink. Select SystemLink and hit Values, then hit Menu, New Value, String. A window will come up with the header "Edit String Value", in Value Name: put Nina and in Value Data put \Storage\windows\Fonts\name of the font.ttf, true name of the font.


Say you want to install Tahoma. So in Value Data: put \Storage\windows\Fonts\Tahoma.ttf, Tahoma

Leave Value Type: like it is.

Creating the FontPath key:

Now it Done, then hit the Back key until you get back to the Micrsoft list of keys. Now hit Menu, New Key and call it FontPath. Select FontPath and hit Values then hit Menu, New Value, String. In Value Name: put FontPath and in Value Data: put \Storage\windows\Fonts.

Hit Done, and hit the Back key until you get back to the list of Microsoft keys. Then check all the entries for FontLink and FontPath and make sure they are correct per my instructions above. Now exit out of PHM Registry Editor and reboot your phone and voila! your new font is shown.


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