I was right in her path. My power has been out now for 50 hours and counting. They started working on the downed lines in front of my apt. a few hours ago, so I hope the power, and my AC, are back up before I go to bed tonight. How have I survived?

The Samsung i730 with EVDO and a power inverter in my car. The i730 (amazing PPC Phone for those who don't know) comes with two batteries, a standaerd and extended, in the box. I went through both quickly. No problem, my car has a power inverter. I have one battery charging in the cradle plugged into the outlet in my car while I use the other. When one dies, the other is charged and ready to go. This thing has kept me online with high speed data, in touch with worried friends and family, and entertained with movies and music. I really would have gone crazy without it.

So, did anyone else get hit? How did you survive? I wrote this all on my i730's slide down thumb board, and passes 10 minuted without electricity in the process.