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Well here is the deal. I have a lot of cool custom mp3, wav, and wma ringtones on my phone and SD card. What I would like to see is an app that would allow me to create or select a list of ringtones that I prefer so that they are randomly played as the general ringtone. As in next call is this.mp3 ringtone, and my next call will be that.wma as a ringtone. In my mind this wouldn't be extreamly difficult for someone that knows what is going on, but I have no clue.

There may just be a prize to the winning developer if someone can create such an app or program for the WM Smartphone.
Nice idea and gets my vote biggrin.gif
I can never be bothered to change my ringtone (never enough hours in the day excuse etc etc) so this would be perfect for me cool.gif
Honestly, I'd prefer something more basic.

I'd like to be able to set up ringtones as follows:

1. A ringtone for someone in my phonebook without an assigned tone. (We've already got this one, woo-hoo!)

2. A ringtone for an unrecognized phone number.

3. A ringtone for numbers which come up "private."

4. A ringtone for numbers which come up "unknown."

That's my simple ringtone fanstasy. (I only say fantasy 'cause it doesn't look like it's gonna happen.)

I thought SmartFilter by NovoMobile was going to satisfy my needs, but it had some troubles on my MPx220. Now, like everyone, I expect some bugs with new software - but the last time I visited their support forums it seemed to indicate that there will be no support and even a bit of antagonism towards purchasers. blink.gif

To get back on topic... it would be great if you could set up a rotating or random ringtone which switched at an interval you preferred.

Moreover, it'd be great if you could set it up by checkboxing a list of ringtones the program discovered on the telephone. In this way you could limit the ringtones to those you like most, and keep it from playing, for example, your alarm reminder tone. Then you could select between the options Random -> Rotating -> Standard for how the telephone chooses the tone. Then if you could set a period to switch - something like, Every call -> Every Day -> Every Week -> Monthly -> et cetera.

Now if I only knew how to program.

Didn't mean to try to hijack the post - sorry for the rant. biggrin.gif
QUOTE (mzh @ Feb 28 2005, 02:23 PM)
Didn't mean to try to hijack the post - sorry for the rant. biggrin.gif

No hijack at all, all really good thoughts. I too wish I could program, lets just hope this catches someones eye that can wink.gif
Heh, this post may be dead, but it would be nice to be able to assign ringtones by groups as well, then further specify individuals as well. I know I have certain groups that I prefer to all have the same ringtone, and this would make it that much easier if it was somehow automated into the system when you add or assign someone to a group that has an assigned tone.
How about an app that will use the standard ringtones or custom ringtones based on the current profile. I have some funny tones that I don't want to use at work, but also don't want to take the time to change them outside of the office.

Profile: At Work, would use standard "boring" tones

Profile: Normal, would use funny "offensive" tones
Another great idea. Still makes me wonder why no one has explored this aspect of the phone. There are theme changers, why not more programs for tones? Out of all of my previously mentioned ideas I still prefer something that would allow me to "perscribe" a ringtone to contact groups. I also like the thought of general ringtone changing from profile to profile as well.
phoneAlarmSP may be able to do a lot of what you guys are wanting. I've been using PA for my PPCs for a while, and it does offer a lot of the features. They justs recently released the Smartphone version, so I'm not sure how similar it is, and how it performs. May be worth a try though.
Doesn't seem to say anything about ringtones specifically, but looks like something worth checking out none the less.
It includes rings when it says alarms. At least on the PPC it does. When you customize the profiles you can choose which ring you want for that specific profile.
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