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Full Version: Now have V600, can I sync it?
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Ok, my mpx200 went for a swim and doesn't work any more so I bought a V600 to play with until the 220 comes out.

My question is how to sync my contacts with outlook....the girl told me it would do it (looks like she was wrong) she also told me it had infared (wrong again) After doing some reading, it looks like Mobile Phone tools may do the trick, is this correct? Will it sync just like the 200 with all the phone numbers?

Any help is appreciated...only plan to keep this phone 29 days (or until the 220 comes out)

You know that a swim will not always kill a phone...
Mobile Phone Tools will let you selectively copy contacts from Outlook to your V600. It isn't really a sync, but you can copy contacts over. It is nice as it lets you pick and choose the contacts you want moved over. Mobile Phone tools also lets you move any pictures you have taken on the phone over to your PC so you do not have to email them.

Mobile Phone tools will work over a USB cable, Bluetooth or IR.
gryph0n, the phone will not power up any longer....right after I sunk it, it was vibrating like I had a call and I promptly removed the battery. I took it to a little independant shop and they dried it out but still will not power up. I also have the lockline insurance on the phone and the brochure claims to cover water damage.

I seem to remember someone saying they will not cover smart phones, but the brochure says nothing about that and att has been taking my money for it today I asked the mgr at my local store and he said he had not heard that smart phones are not covered. Any one tried this insurance with the mpx200?

huckfinn, will it let me copy multiple numbers for each contact? Will I still use the same v600 phone book or does it create it's own? Also, would this program only install on one phone (since I'm waiting on the 220)

Thanks for the help guys...the way I look at it, I just put a nice deposit on the 220 but I hate adding contacts, LOL

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