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Full Version: If Motorola cant update their mpx200, why dont we?
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ok I have taken this into alot of thought, and If we have the right developers, we can make a smartphone 2003 upgrade, how do you think some of the Windows OS's that cannot be bought on CD are avaliable on the web, the get the files they need to install from the windows regestery, Windows folder. Its just a thought, maybe we can copy the windows foler of a smartphone running Smartphone 2003 and "take a look at it". With the right files, we can cram it down to an .exe and make it an upgrade.
you can't copy the files from ROM, even in the SDK.
I am guessing if we had some seriouse core hacking peeps, we can get the job done.
Take a look for some more info on this topic...
yea it says "leak soon" , if some people have then why dont they just leak it!
The issue is stories like the one on talking about the leak. Leaks happen because Motorola and Microsoft develops trust with someone and gives them something. That someone than turns around and gives it out to "friends" and bam - a leak. The story linked to above made MS and Moto pucker up (they did hear about it) and then they cut off the plans to distribute the software to Malaysia and therefore, no leak. I heard the same info and did not publish, everyone has their own decision as to what to publish, Jacek published. What can you do.
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