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Full Version: MS Support Site showing Mobile OS 2003 option 4 MPx200
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I don't want to start a bickering battle of whether the MPx200 will ever be upgradable, but when fallowing the link from the main page here, I found that after selecting my country (USA) and my phone, the bottom portion had both "Windows Mobile for SmartPhone 2002" and "Windows Mobile for SmartPhone 2003" available as choices.

There are a couple explanations that come to mind.
1: the team/person behind the design of this section of Microsoft's site just went with a generic setup and didn't worry about what OS would be available to specific phones. Or.
2: Maybe Microsoft has done all they can in preparing the OS for use on the MPx200 and it's left up to Moto/ATTWS?

Just some speculation on my part.

Microsoft SmartPhone Support Site.
i believe it WILL be upgradable!!
From this support page, if you select Smartphone 2003, you get the following warning:
"The Motorola MPx200 is currently only available with the Windows Mobile ™ for Smartphone 2002 Operating System. Are you sure you want to select Windows Mobile ™ for Smartphone 2003?"

When I click OK, it tries to load a page, but just hangs on trying to load it.
hehe, it would suck if they did not release an upgrade seeing how they already have a support page for the 2003 os. after clicking ok, the page just loads and there are basically step by step instructions on all the features the 2003 os has... kinda depressing looking at it cause you can kind of see a glimpse of what the 2003 will look like. no big difference but you see the bluetooth option in settings ](*,)
I'm sure the 2003 support will come out, i'm not sure if that will be by an AT&T WS doing or by someone with the ability to get the file.

Either way 2003 should really at least be offered for the simple fact that MANY issues with the 2002 version of the software are fixed. Hopefully we can expect some real answers soon from AT&T or MOTO regarding an update if there is one to be released.
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