Handango, the original multi-platform app store, will be launching one of the industry’s first Android catalogs in November. Handango has served millions of customers since 1999 and has become the trusted and agnostic source for smartphone content. Handango's legacy is with the early adopters and, in fact, Handango has supported Linux applications for many years. Content providers building Android applications and looking for distribution are encouraged to contact Will Pinnell (will@handango.com or +1.972.894.0467) for priority in the promotion of the content within the catalog.

Beginning October 1st, content providers will be able to add Android applications directly to developer accounts and choose to distribute them to customers in three ways:

1) Give them away for free
2) Sell them for a one-time purchase fee
3) Set them up as a monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription fee (subscription APIs provided at no cost)

Content providers are encouraged to jump on this opportunity as soon as possible in order to maximize distribution and revenue as soon as the first Android phone is in the market. If you’re an existing Handango content partner, simply add the new Android content to your account. If you’re not yet working with Handango, you can apply to become a software partner at http://developer.handango.com and your application will be accepted within 24 hours. Depending on volume, content providers keep 50-70% of the suggest retail price that they provide, less any transaction costs that might occur.