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Full Version: Is Microsoft Vista OS a bust?
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I recently built my wife a very high-end dual core PC and moved her from Windows XP Pro to Vista Ultimate. Well after two months she is saying she wants Windows XP back in her life. Windows Mobile Device Center does not work very well with her Sprint Touch and the biggest problem is getting her company's Citrix VPN to work with Vista. Her company IT people haven't figured it out and they have no Vista experience as they are staying with XP. We have had various driver issues with things such as web cameras on Vista and the list goes on. Today I heard Bill Gates is saying their next OS will be out in 2009, a year earlier than the projected 2010. The only thing I like about Vista is the nice interface, but that doesn't offset the problems. Anyone else suffering the Vista blues?
I have Vista Home Premium on a notebook. Basically, everything that I use works with it. I don't have VPN that works, but at work, we use a Web SSL network connection and I have full access via it.

The only real issues I had was at the beginning when I first got it. I needed bluetooth, and there were no Vista supported Bluetooth USB supported devices. That is no longer true...

I have XPPro on my main desktop, and can't imagine moving that to Vista due to the very large amount of software I use on it. But for my portable office (I have a Verizon WWAN USB720 network device) and all of the software I need in the field, Vista works fine.

I don't see much point in getting Vista Ultimate for my needs.
I've never had any real issues with Vista, If nvidia would support older version nforce3 of the nforce chipset all pc's I have would be running it.

I also use MS Onecare as it seems to be working well.
From Newsfactor "You might have thought Windows Vista was a finished product. But Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer last week described his company's newest operating system as "a work in progress."
According to a report in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Ballmer told a professional gathering in that city that the product has gotten "a lot of things right," but "we have a lot of things we need to learn from." While acknowledging complaints about the new OS, Ballmer also said the company has a fair share of satisfied users. "

I think overall it works but not much of an improvement over XP. I hope I get to beta test the next try.
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