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Full Version: Cingular 8525 won't receive incoming calls unless I am on the other line!
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HELP! I have had the Cingular 8525 for over a month and it will NOT receive incoming calls when I am in my home, where I have FULL bars of reception. It won't light up, won't ring, and won't even alert me to voicemails or new text messages ANY time I am home. UNLESS, if I am on the other line talking to someone, the phone will beep with the incoming call and I am able to switch lines and answer the call. I can text, call, etc. from home, just NOT receive calls. Now, I am having trouble receiving calls ANYWHERE! It has been days since I am received a call! I checked my settings and I am NOT barring incoming calls, I have full reception, my ringer is on, everything. I am stressed out over this! PLEASE HELP! I searched the forums and couldn't find the answer I was looking for. I tried a hard reset (that is when you push that little button on the bottom with a pin to shut it down, then turn the phone on like usual again, right?), but it didn't do anything. My carrier (Cingular/AT&T) said that I may need a new SIM card, as I am running of the 64K one, and not the 3G one, but if that were the case, why would I be recieving incoming calls on the other line? HELP! thanks so much in advance! Rachel
If it doesn't light up for anything, even a voicemail or missed call notification, it sounds like you have a bug in the software that is keeping it from coming out of stand by. The method you described is a soft reset. It will reboot the phone, but not fully restore the phone's OS to it's factory state. If your problem is indeed a bug in the software keeping it from coming out of stand by, a hard reset would fix it. It will remove all installed programs, erase your contacts, SMS, email, etc. though, so make sure you have it all backed up before doing a hard reset. Here's the directions to do a hard reset from the HTC website:

What does a Hard Reset do and how is it performed?
A Hard Reset restores the device to its default settings the way it was when you first purchased it and turned it on. Any programs you installed, data you entered, and settings you customized on the device will be lost. Only Windows Mobile software and other pre-installed programs will remain.
To perform a hard reset
Power the device OFF.
Press and hold the left and right Soft Keys
Keep the two buttons pressed, and at the same time, use the stylus to lightly press and hold the RESET button. If successful, you will get a black screen with white text asking you to confirm the reset.
Thanks for your prompt response!! So I tried a hard reset and still no luck. Although now I am getting a message that pops up that says "There is a problem connecting to the GPRS service in the roaming network you are in." I don't beleive I am roaming, I am at home! I am now thinking that since I am getting this message I may really need to update my sim card to a 3G? Any new advice? THanks again!
It wouldn't hurt to try a new SIM, and that error certainly makes it appear to have something to do with the problem.
UPDATE! It's FIXED!! biggrin.gif

Thank you for all of your help, I am happy to report my issues are now resolved! I wanted to post my solution here in case it helps someone else out! I should have just listened to the ATT people in the first place! smile.gif All I had to do was update my SIM card from the 64K which I had been using to a 3G SIM card! As soon as I got that new card in there, everything worked perfectly! I am getting ALL my calls, notifications of missed calls and text messages, and even better, my battery life has increase 10 fold!!!!!!!! It is amazing! Before my battery fully charged ALL NIGHT LONG, only lasted 4 hours MAX during the day, I was so ready just to chuck the phone! I had to have it plugged in all day and night or I was stuck without battery life! Now, with just the updated SIM card, my phone has been powered on for 10 hours already today and still has 4 out of the 5 bars left of juice! I am so excited! Iloved this phone and was sure I was going to have to give it up because of all of my issues! HOpefully my resolution helps someone out there! wink.gif
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