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Full Version: t-mobile mds8125
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Hey guys, i'm an ex blackberry user, i really wanted wifi. so i bought this phone. only problem is that i use suncom, not t-mobil.. The phone is unlocked and works well.. but i can not use the wifi without the t-mobile tyring to connect with the t-mobile modem link. does anybody know how i can download a form of firmware so i can get this t-mobile stuff off...


If you are properly connected to a wifi router that has access to the internet the phone shouldn't try to dial an internet connection. Are you 100% positive you've set up the connection correctly, and that the router you're connecting to has access to the internet? You should be able to go into the Connection settings and delete the T-Mobile settings that are there, or at very least enter the settings for Suncom and have them as the default instead of T-Mobile.
i think my setting are right, the phone picked up all the correct information on the computer that has wireless... but it said that it dialed and a note said that it cant pick up for some reason
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