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Full Version: Is there an easy way to toggle Audio output on a PC...
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I have been trying to find a good wireless bluetooth stereo headset that I could use on both a PC and my phone. I haven't had any luck finding one that suits me yet. So far, I've tried the Motorola HT-820 and the wiREVO WRS300 and will hopefully be trying a couple more soon.

But, what this adventure has taught me is how difficult it is to switch/toggle the default Audio Device output on my PC. The way I've been doing it (that is a complete pain) is right-clicking on the little speaker in the tray down by the clock. Then selecting "Adjust Audio Properties". From there I click on the "Audio" tab and then choose either Bluetooth Audio, Bluetooth High Quality Audio, or my regular sound card. blink.gif Then you have to open the media player and press play to see if the PC & Bluetooth played nice and got it right. Ugh. Many times instead of "BT High Quality Audio" it ends up regular ol' "BT Audio" on the stereo headset, which doesn't sound so great. Didn't seem to matter which headset, it happened on both.

Anyway, is there an easy way to select which audio output to use? I was thinking like a toolbar in the tray or, something similar?

Actually, with this process being as clunky as it is...I've lost a bit of my drive to find a wireless stereo headset. It's not an elegant process at all. The phone part went just fine though. I need to remind myself of that.

As for the two headsets...the Motorola's are too heavy and are a pain in the ears. The wiREVO's are lighter and that's the problem 'cuz they end up falling away from the side of your head - unless you wear the neck band thingy and then it's a pain in the ears just like the Motorola's. <sigh>

I'd love to hear suggestions on good wireless BT stereo headsets (IF anybody has a good one)!
I still haven't found an ideal set of A2DP headphones yet either. I've used a few different bluetooth stacks with A2DP adapters (Bluesoleil, Widcomm, and Toshiba), and didn't have to change any of the audio settings from my PC. I connected to the headphones (not headset) profile on the headphones, and it automatically sets the PC audio to the proper settings for A2DP audio. The method of doing this is different for all the various BT stacks. Do you know which you're using on your PC? I think the easiest to do it with was the Bluesoleil. I have the least experience with the Widcomm, and can't really remember how to do it with that stack.
I originally tried Blue Soleil months ago, and it wouldn't work on my PC so I ended up with WidComm which worked immediately. All I was trying to do back then was sync my phone via BT. I never tried any headsets with either stack, until now.

Bluetooth is not built into my laptop so I've purchased the Jabra a320s and that's how I got the Widcomm software. I had tried 2 different generic BT dongles that both came with Blue Soleil and when neither worked I abandoned the "no name" route and went with Jabra - which worked great for ActiveSyncing. It wasn't until this headset thing that I discovered the issue with not switching audio profiles. Rather, I should say, inconsistent changing of audio profiles - 'cuz sometimes it works.

I did notice the difference between connecting to a stereo headset and regular headset, so I was doing that part right. Also, I had Jabra tech support on the phone for quite awhile today and that turned out to be futile. sad.gif

It works perfectly with my mono BT earpieces and my phone. You mention "A2DP adapters" I wonder if the one I got fits the bill? It specifically says BT that by default A2DP? (BT High Quality Audio is one of my choices...that's A2DP correct?)
Yeah, that's A2DP. I only vaquely remember using the Widcomm stack. I think I had to disconnect the headset using the multifunction button on the headphones, then I could connect the stereo connection.
Well both headsets were returned to the store last night. For what they cost ($100+) the quality just isn't there yet IMHO. Wireless is terrific and I look forward to when the promise is realised. For the time being, if I want to listen to "high quality audio" I'll use my wired Bose with an adapter and continue to use my mono BT headset with BTAudio redirector for "on the fly" music listening.
QUOTE (runningtiger @ Mar 13 2007, 07:43 PM) *
I'd love to hear suggestions on good wireless BT stereo headsets (IF anybody has a good one)!
I just got the Motorola S9 headset over the weekend and it is the best I've tried.

It's very light weight, comfortable, and discreet (depending on your hairstyle - my hair covers the behind the neck part).

I haven't tried it with BT on my PC due to the fact that the adapter I was using is now installed on a different PC (at work) and so I haven't had the opportunity to try it out.

I've have used it while exercising and while working around the house and out in the yard. Cordless just can't be beat under these circumstances.

I'm EXTREMELY pleased.
I got to see the S9 at CTIA, and was very impressed. I may have to look into buying one myself. Where did you get yours, and how much did you pay?
It was a total impulse buy, so I did zero checking around for better prices. I'm almost ashamed to say, but it was an "I gotta have it...NOW" moment. mellow.gif I got mine at Fry's Electronics for $99 on sale (but required no rebates...I hate rebates). The price on the sticker is $129.99 and it was on sale for $30 off. I just Froogled it and better prices can be had - if you're willing to wait for the delivery.

So far the player buttons are not working to control TCPMP. I've read there is an issue with TCPMP and the AVRCP (remote control) part of BT. I haven't found the "fix" yet...but it seems like there might be one. <fingers crossed>

That said, the music being played on TCPMP sounds terrific through the S9s. I just need to skip forward/back a track using the controls on the screen rather than the headset. I can TOTALLY live with that if I have to. The S9s works with the built in wmPlayer just fine (forward/back etc) expected. All the phone functions work perfect no matter which player I use.

The S9s fix all the gripes I had with other BT-stereo headsets I'd tried. These stay put and do so without cutting into my ears...and they sound good (yes, they have BASS...'enough' depends on what genre of music you listen to). Occasionally the music drops out, but not often (twice on my 1 hour walk this morning). I'll take that trade for zero cords any day! You won't confuse these with your favorite audiophile headset, but they do sound pretty, they're cordless!

One more thing, even though these are of the earbud type, they are not isolating. They're good for working out or using at work since you can still hear what's going on around you...depending on what decibel you listen to your music at of course. wink.gif laugh.gif
I ended up ordering the S9s today from They are out of stock right now, but I'm not in any big hurry to get them. With the $10 off using Google Checkout I ended up getting them for $75 shipped. Would be worth the extra $25 to get them now, but no stores around here have them for less than $129.
I look forward to hearing what you think of 'em Smeg.

Follow up: After more searching, I think from what I've read that TCPMP does not support AVRCP* on devices with wmPlayer 10 (that would be what's in wm6). Otherwise, it's latest version does support AVRCP if it's a wm5 device. I could not confirm this 'cuz I'm running wm6. So, until TCPMP updates, I'll just use wmPlayer when I listen using the S9s.

If a player supports AVRCP then the heaset will allow you to use the remote control functions like fast forward/back and play/pause. Basically, without a player supporting these features the controls on the right ear piece of the S9 do nothing 'cept beep in your ear. sad.gif
QUOTE (runningtiger @ May 10 2007, 05:22 AM) *
So, until TCPMP updates, I'll just use wmPlayer when I listen using the S9s.

TCPMP isn't supposed to update ever again. The developer released Coreplayer, which you have to buy, to replace TCPMP. I'm not sure if AVRCP works on Coreplayer with WMP10 installed or not, I'll try it out when I get my S9.
I ended up buying the S9 at Radio Shack today. Turns out I couldn't wait for them to get back in stock at I'll let my wife keep them when my order comes though. If she doesn't want them I can always return them. I've used it for about 1 hour now, and I got to say, I'm impressed. They are by far the best sounding, most comfortable, and best looking BT headphones I've tried or seen yet. They are super comfortable, and the sound is actually much better than I was expecting. I did try the AVRCP with Coreplayer, and it didn't work with it either. I prefer WMP10 for music anyway though, so I don't mind. It also works superb with Slingplayer. Thanks for reminding me to get these Runningtiger, I was really impressed with them at CTIA.
Thanks for the update Smeg regarding CorePlayer. Drag.

Funny that you couldn't wait! laugh.gif I'm so glad I got the S9s when I did. I've used them lots and they really perform well. The only reason I was hoping to use TCPMP over wmPlayer is that when I close wmPlayer it forgets where I am in a playlist the next time I open the player. TCPMP will pick right up where I left off. Oh well. I'm OK with using wmPlayer in those circumstances when I absolutely don't want to take my phone out and handle it. That would be while exercising and while puttering around the yard. Those are also the times when I use this headset. So, it works fine.

Funny too is that we might need to buy another pair also, when I'm heading out the door with mine on I've heard the rumblings "if I had a pair of those"... laugh.gif
Spurred on my finally getting a decent set of BT headphones, I finally got both my PCs working with A2DP and Vista. I ended up using the Toshiba stack on both. My home PCs adapter originally came with the Bluesoliel stack, but the updated stack that work with Vista doesn't work with my adapter, they want me to upgrade my adapter.

I had ben using the MS stack built in, but it doesn't support A2DP. I tried Widcomm and Blusoleil, but found the Toshiba stack to work the best (meaning at all). The Widcomm stack didn't work, and the Bluesoleil stack had a 5MB transfer limit, then shut down and had to be restarted. I had been trying to figure out which stack betwen the Widcomm, Blusoleil, and Toshiba were the best. I think in the end I prefer the Toshiba stack. So now I finally have flawless sound with both my PCs and my phone combined with the S9. It's been a couple years in the making, but I think I'm ready to declare BT stereo audio ready for prime time.
Where did you get the Toshiba stack from?
I downloaded it from the Toshiba site here. It's the very top download. It will install, but give you a trial period if it's a dongle that doesn't natively come with the Toshiba stack. There is a program that will eliminate the trial period if you find out the Toshiba stack works well with your dongle.
Hi All, This is my first post in the forum; hoping i ll get some awesome help. Okie, now coming to my problem. I have motorola S9 headset and i just bought this BT dongle in the Tokyo akhihabara market which uses the Soleil Software BlueSoleil Release 070402. I am somehow able to pair the devices. I can connect to the BT headset in the Bluetooth Advanced Audio Service mode. But..when i connect in the Bluetooth Headset Service mode i get to hear a strange ringing tone in my headset and it just doesn't work.
OK! let me tell u my objectives.
1. the most imp one i need to use this a tool for talking on Skype.
2.Listen to music.

Am i missing something. Please help!!!!!!
Thanks in advance
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