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Full Version: T-Mobile Introduces the HTC Athena as Ameo...
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Move over, Universal, there's a new sheriff in town. The Athena from HTC is finally starting to make some public appearances in carrier livery, and we've gotta say, T-Mobile Pink is suiting this thing just fine. Specs for the new reigning king of HTC's expansive Windows Mobile lineup include a 5-inch VGA display, an 8GB hard drive to supplement any Flash you might have stowed in the miniSD slot, on-board GPS, quadband GSM plus HSDPA (sorry, yanks -- 2100MHz only), 3 megapixel camera, an XScale core clipping right along at 624MHz, and -- get this -- three styli in the box, two traditional and one multi-function pen. T-Mobile's European division will get this as an exclusive for a few weeks as the "Ameo," at which point we'd imagine a wider European release is in order. American availability, as always, is an open question.

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WOW! Now that is something that I would find to be VERY useful in my line of work. I just wonder how big it really is. This is something that we should be hoping to see on this side of the pond. Anyone have any more information about this, as in future U.S. availability?

Check the comments for more pictures.

Source: engadget
include a 5-inch VGA display

Aint nobody going to be holding that beast up to their head for a phone call! Sweet for using the PDA, not so sweet for using the phone. I wonder if it will even have a speaker built-in to use it as a standard phone against your head, or if calls will be strictly headset. It reminds me of the old Windows CE Handheld PCs.
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