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Do any of you guys own a pair?

So after reading the countless reviews on cnet I was sold! After work I grabbed a pair and was overwhelmed with the excitement you only get from a new gadget. The Bose packaging seriously makes these earphones look damn good. So the first thing i grab for is my ipod... after a minute of searching for that perfect song to play... i'm a bit disappointed. The damn base is so high on this thing. I tried to select the different EQ settings and still... The bottom line is the acoustics sucked big time from what you would expect from a pair of $100 earphones!

The only thing I was pleased about was the comfort. These are seriously the most comfortable earphones I have ever worn! These are definitely going back to the store after my new years vegas trip! laugh.gif
Have you tried them from a different sound source?
I was looking at these the other day deciding if I should treat myself.
yeah i've tried them on my laptop and my logitech speakers and still get the same results. I dunno I'm gonna continue to test them out with other sources this weekend...
Have you ever tried out the Shure headphones? I'm always tempted to give them a try because they're supposed to be really good. I'd love to know which you like better if you have, or ever do, give them a try. I've never been too impressed with Bose. Sure they sound good from everything I've heard, but I've always thought they were way overpriced for what you got.
I am actually tempting to just get a pair of the Ulitmate Ear 5 pro earphones. I hear they are really really really good and I guess i'd only be paying 69 more bucks on amazon if i return my bose.
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