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Full Version: found: gadget junkie's jacket
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I was shopping at Target yesterday and found a casual coat/jacket that I thought some of the hardcore gadget junkies around here might be interested in.

It's in the men's section and made by Cherokee. Cost $40, made of cotton canvas with a satin-y quilted lining (but isn't big and puffy). Comes in a light putty-ish color and a darker camel-ish color. Sizes small through XX. Zippered front as well as snap over flap to cover the zipper (or to use instead of the zipper in milder conditions) and two sets of snaps to adjust cuff size. Machine washable! Not a waist coat and not a full length coat. It comes down to about hip length.

It reminds me of a barn jacket, but without the corduroy collar.

Why I'm posting this here is this jacket has a ton of pockets!
It has 6 pockets on the front. Two sort of hidden on the chest (meaning they're not flap pockets - they open via a vertical zipper - and don't seem as apparent as the photo below shows them. At least in the lighter color they don't scream 'pocket'). And the bottom pockets are two way - side entry and flapped. AND THEY ARE BIG!

Inside it has the usual chest pocket, but it also has two lower pockets that snap closed.

That's a total of 9 pockets! a decent looking jacket IMHO.

I bought one. Of course it's 85 degrees here in sunny SoCal today so it'll be awhile before I'll be wearing it. But, I know I can put more than a few of those pockets to good use when cooler weather eventually rolls in! laugh.gif
Hehe I could have used that on the range this morning, too bad I can't wear anything like that while in uniform. Only in SoCal will you find that just prior to sun up, you are "freezing" (burr bitter cold, wearing cammies with a fleese pullover under the blouse, fleese beenie, nomex gloves, nomex gator <something to cover your neck and face>, and body armor), I was still shivering huddled around other people closely to try to retain heat (I'm skinny and retain nothing), and with all that was still shivering. Funny thing is that within an hour of sun up, I had shed all the warming layers and only had the t-shirt, cammies, and body armor and was sweating my butt off. Keep in mind though that while I am on the range, I am leaving the house to get to the armory by 3am (YAY no traffic). I can't belive that it it was 45 degrees this morning and 85 by afternoon... sheesh! (Yes, out here anything below 60 is considered COLD!), also being in SoCal wink.gif cool.gif
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