I was shopping at Virgin Records yesterday and came across something that I find very useful. So, I thought I'd post a link here in case anybody else might be interested.

It's called Smartwrap made by Sumajin.

It's made of silicone and gives you something to wrap your long earphone cords around to make them the length you want (and keeps it there - ready to use next time). Also, when you're done using your headphones you can wrap the rest of the cord around it so it doesn't get all tangled up with everything else - or, mostly itself!

Very simple product that works well...and is cheap.

Virgin sells them in a three pack - white, black, and clear-ish. $12 ($4 each + tax). The manufacturer's website above, sells them for $5 each plus shipping (which is $5 - ouch...better order more than 1 at that price!!!) but has other (more vibrant) colors. I'm sure they're available elsewhere. This is just enough info to get you going if you're interested.

FYI: I noticed on the same page they also have the same wrap device for larger cords like USB sync cables etc.