Here in the US we have independently owned/operated packaging/shipping stores that are not part of the post office. Is there a similar store in London? I'd like to bid on an auction but the seller (located in London) won't ship anywhere but UK mainland. I thought if I could contact such a store and setup (pay them etc.) to post the package to me, then all he'd have to do is get the package to them. I ran this by him and he said he was too busy to be helpful to me (provide a store name and/or phone number). dry.gif If he didn't have the thing I want so badly - and that so few auctions show up for - I'd be moving on. But, I'm still interested to see if I can work something out. Also, he doesn't accept PayPal - or, any of the wire services - so, what's left? Can you tell me how he expects to be paid? Is it like here, he wants a check? Sorry, I'm so dim on how things are done in your country. I'd REALLY appreciate any information that is helpful!

Thanks in advance.