1. Open Windows Mobile Messaging on your device.
2. Select Accounts Menu
3. Select New Account
4. Enter your gMail address (i.e. joe.blow@gmail.com)
5. Next
6. Enter your name (i.e. Joe Blow)
7. Enter User Name (i.e. joe.blow@gmail.com)
8. Enter password
9. Next
10. Select Pop3 for Account Type
11. Name your account (i.e.gMail)
12. Next
13. Incoming Mail pop.gmail.com:995
14. Outgoing server "smtp.gmail.com:465"
15. Domain should be blank
16. Click Options
17. Select automatically check if you so choose
18. Connection should be The Internet
19. Next
20. Check the box for only display messages from the last __ days and enter a number of days in the box. I usually pull down 7 days.
21. Check the box for Require SSL connection
22. Check the box for Outgoing mail requires authentication
23. Next
24. I would recommend selecting Get Message Headers Only and selecting between 3 and 5k to save download time and bandwidth. You can always download full messages when you chose to.
25. Finish