The following is a couple of frequently asked questions and issues that you may have. Hopefully the following will help solve your particular problem.

Subject: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

I can connect to a wireless network, however I can not browse the internet or check my mail, whats wrong?

MEdia Net is set up to connect through a proxy, because of this when you activate Wi-Fi it tries to use the MEdia Net connection. To stop this go to Start, Settings, Connections, Connections and under MEdia Net tap "set up my proxy server" and de-check "This network uses a proxy server to connect to the Internet". You should now be able to use Wi-Fi correctly.

2. Does the 8125 support wireless 802.11g ?

Yes, you need to perform the "Enable 802.11g" Registry Edit.

Does Wi-Fi on the 8125 drain the battery quickly?

Yes, your battery life will significantly drop if you leave Wi-Fi on constantly, it is best to turn it off when you are not using it.

4. How do I setup Bluetooth ActiveSync with my computer?

First, put your computer into discovery mode and if you haven't already, turn on Bluetooth on your 8125. Hit the COM Manager hard button on the left side of the device to bring up the COM Manager. Tap Settings, Bluetooth Settings. Tap the Devices tab and select New Partnership.

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It will now scan for all Bluetooth devices in range that are in discoverable mode. Select the name of your computer and tap Next. Now you can enter a display name for the computer, and make sure you check ActiveSync under "Select services to use from the device." and tap Finish.

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The 8125 does support OBEX, in the past the Microsoft Bluetooth stack was much more stable in this aspect, however after trying the latest Widcomm Bluetooth Stack, I am happy to say that they work great and they support so many more Bluetooth Profiles than the MS ones.

Subject: Installing Programs

How do I install apps on my 8125?

There are two ways, first you can use the .exe installer. The .exe installer will install load the .cab file to Add/Remove Programs in ActiveSync, all you have to do then is sync your 8125 and the program will be sent to your phone and installed, simply follow the instructions on your 8125 to complete the installation. Secondly, you can copy the .cab file to your phone, you can put it in any directory, then use File Explorer to go to the location to where you saved the .cab file, simply tap it and the program will install.

Subject: Data Connections and Messaging

1. How can I add a POP3 or IMAP Email account to my device?

Go to Start, Messaging, Tools, New Account. Follow the new account wizard.


You want to set up a Gmail account.

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Here enter your Display name, User Name and Password for you Gmail account and remember you must enable POP3 access from the Gmail website. Tap Next to continue

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Next, choose your server type under Account Type, for Gmail choose POP3 and give your Gmail account a name. Tap Next to continue.

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Next, enter the server information:

Incomming mail:
Outgoing mail:
Domain: Leave blank

Now tap on Options:

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Connection: MEdia Net

Tap Next:

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Check the following:
Require SSL Connection
Outgoing server requires authentication

Tap Next, Next, Finish.