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Full Version: Wi-Fi Phone Chips
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The Undude
Can we expect Wi-Fi capabilities in all phones?

This would be an interesting twist, and a challenge to typical wireless phone companies -- offering mass-market phones with wi-fi capabilities. So far making the wi-fi chips small enough and that don't chew up battery time has kept costs too high. But this might be about to change.

STMicroelectronics has begun mass production of its first cellular-phone wireless LAN chip, a new component expected to become standard as wireless network coverage becomes more pervasive.

The chip has been included in the design of several recently launched Wi-Fi cellular handsets, but STMicroelectronics did not specify the manufacturers. The chip costs $10 in quantities of 100,000 units, the company said.

Source: Network World
That could have some interesting effects on the future phone market. New cell standard maybe? I read a while ago that Wal-Mart was developing Wi-Max to begin offering widespread highspeed wireless around the US. Maybe a Wal-Mart brand cell company that offers service through VOIP Wi-Max? There are all sorts of interesting possibilities for the distant future of cellular technology.
The Undude
Yes. It could get interesting. Remember that Google has been buying up lots of "dark fiber" nationwide for pennies on the dollar. "Dark fiber" is fiber optic networks that were layed, but then never used. Google are testing free wi-fi access in parts of San Francisco and NYC. And last summer Google bought Android. Android was founded by Andy Rubin, who started the company Danger Inc. - the guys behind the Danger Hiptop, which became know as the Sidekick.

What are those Google folks up to! biggrin.gif
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