Baubles, tinsel, Christmas trees and even snow for your own Website.

They spend 48 weeks a year gathering dust in your loft but at the beginning of December you get down them down and spread them all over your house.

Christmas decorations. Everyone’s got them and when it comes to putting them up, they get everywhere. All over a tree you put in your living room, in the hall, on the front door and for some reason in the toilet, but very few people decorate their website.

And to be honest, that’s because it’s difficult, techy and if you don’t know what you’re doing your website ends up looking like a frosted bag of spanners. Thanks to a fantastic new site, though, it can look like a big flashing Christmas grotto in just a few clicks.

Decorate Your lets Average Joes like you and I harness the power of web wizardry and decorate our websites by dropping and clicking wherever we please. There are Christmas trees, baubles, Santas, presents and animated goodness to make your site look truly festive.

But why even bother? Research has shown that 98% of surfers appreciate the festive garb and 70% remember if a site has been decorated or not. So if you want people to remember your site amidst the thousands they visit, then it’s well worth spend 20 minutes on and, well…decorating your site.