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> Exper. with MortSaver re "Seeking screen/button-lock solution..." post
post Jul 13 2006, 02:49 AM
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I wish I had more time… (famous quote or most people’s feeling) - Anyway:

This is in follow-up to my previous post entitled “Seeking screen/button-lock solution for iPAQ 6315.”

First, thanks to “armwood” for his recommendation to try MortSaver v2.0, which I am commenting on here.

Okay, to summarize the problem I was trying to solve: basically, I was looking for a way to “walk and talk” using my HP iPAQ h6315 - that is, I needed a way to avoid accidental operations with the buttons or screen on my 6315 while handling a phone call using a hands-free headset and carrying my phone in the belt carry-case (btw, I tried an HS850 and H700 to replace my HS810, which I’ll try to discuss in another post). From what I could tell, the 6315 did not incorporate an effective sort of screen/button-lock option to resolve this problem (see the previous post for additional discussion).

So, based on the recommendation, I researched and installed MortSaver 2.0 (see e.g., http://www.sto-helit.de/modules/edito/content.php?id=36). It seemed like the best option I could find to try to solve my problem. Here is a summary of the results:

- No installation problems to note (used ActiveSync).
- The included help and online information was fairly helpful to me.

SETTINGS (made in “MortSaver Options”) - I only list the options that seem to be important to proper performance - other options are user preference:
1 - under “Deactivation”
- Screen timeout: 5 (sec)
- Power off timeout: 5
--- Note, settled on the 5 sec timeout settings after finding it just sufficient to deactivate before screen or power-off - found longer times to be inconvenient to wait for.
- 1st button: Assigned button --- settled on using Button 3 (located below the hands-free jack near the left top side of the 6315) as most convenient and sufficient
- 2nd button: None --- found the use of two buttons to be unnecessary and difficult to deal with (just need to use one of the recessed buttons I think)
- show countdown after call: Selected
- Other application buttons show countdown: Selected
--- Found these selections to work best - in fact had malfunctions when second option was not selected.

2 - under “Power off / Emergency exit”
- Turn off device (not only screen) on activation: Not selected - because it interfered with my ability to activate the screen/button lock function while on a call (i.e., it would shut down the device and thereby drop the call)
- Turn off device if lock is not removed after power on: Selected --- found this helpful to insure phone turned off and locked with MortSaver after a missed call or other unexpected power on operation (e.g., if not noticed while carrying the phone in case)
- Activate MortSaver every time the device is switched on: Selected --- same reason as above
- Emergency exit if powered on twice within: 15 sec --- time is preference, but a good idea to set it for at least 10 sec - although this option does not always work and sometimes have to soft reset

3 - under “Screen / Pop-ups” - nothing selected and found to work fine

- when it worked, it worked - there are some conflicts, likely because of the 6315 capability, as discussed below
- if the device was on or off without MortSaver activated, with above settings, could receive or make calls, then activate Mortsaver using button to lock the screen and button interface so that I could place the device in the carry-case and use the hands-free without accidental operation, hang-up, etc. (this is the main function I was seeking)
- if the device was on or off with MortSaver activated, with above settings, could receive calls and MortSaver automatically reactivates after call end - of course, to make a call, have to deactivate MortSaver first to bring up phone interface screen
- the nice added feature of having MortSaver activated with the device off is that if a call or other function turned the phone on (e.g., without me noticing it while in the carry-case), the phone would power back off with MortSaver reactivating after the 5 sec timeout to avoid the possibility of all kinds of accidental operations occurring from the screen or buttons (e.g., the potential of accidentally making or accepting a call and disclosing personal business, insulting comments, etc. to someone without knowing you are doing so - just imagine a spouse, friend, co-worker, etc. listening in on you without you knowing - this happens all the time on phones not using a lock or having a cover or flip with disastrous and embarrassing results)

- sometimes device failed to come out of MortSaver screen-off or device-off state and had to be reset - also, sometimes the response to deactivate was delayed, probably because of the device, OS, etc.
- appears that MortSaver device off state interferes with Bluetooth (“BT”) hands-free operation after deactivation/power-on (sometimes, have to toggle BT off/on to get connection, sometimes have to reset - very inconvenient either way) - also, storage card sometimes not detected by device after such power-on requiring a reset (also aggravating)
- generally, finding that MortSaver activation can interfere with BT operation - e.g., if call received, while in MortSaver power-off state, can of course receive call, but cannot connect BT handsfree without first deactivating MortSaver and then toggling BT off/on

- thanks to the creator of MortSaver for making at least a good patch for a functionality that should have been included with the 6315 to start with
- recommend this as a resort short of finding a better PPC phone to resolve problem I described
- I am at the point where I am ready to nickname my 6315 “Reset” and am ready to replace it (however, sticking with T-Mobile service, don’t know of a replacement available right now - any ideas?)

Thanks - will try to answer any questions when I have time
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