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My must-have accessories - the short list!

Posted by reydiodj, Mar 7 2006, 08:59 PM in PPC/PPCPE in General

I'm asked this all the time, so I'll post this here so that I can just refer people to this blog for reference!

1. Best Screen Protection: WriteShields AG by PPCTechs.com

IPB Image

I've reviewed theirs and demoed their product several times that I refer anyone who asks me this to go to their site and order the Anti Glare version of the WriteShields without hesitation. One of my devices has had the same one I installed 4 years ago and it is still like new! And 2 other 2 year old devices are in the same great condition. WriteShields are very durable and easy to install makes this a no brainer! The in-store screen protectors cannot even compare to their product! Now I personally have a need for the AG (AntiGlare) version than the C2-Crystal Clear because I find myself in situations that requires the AG properties. For those that don't wish to lose the screen vibrance, then the C2 product is for you.

2. Best charging solution: Boxwave VersaCharger
IPB Image

I carry so many devices when I travel that uses a USB charging cable that I can't imagine bringing all of the respective AC adapters/cradles or always plugging them into my Table PC for charging. Boxwave's product is the perfect solution. Now I only bring the necessary retractable USB charging cable and the VersaCharger to keep my devices charged while in the car or any available AC outlet. They also have airplane kits for it should you have the need. So now I find my cable bag shrinking and my gadget bag becoming lighter. Now my only problem is keeping them - they've given me one to keep after reviewing them a year, or so ago, and then I bought another one after losing it, which may have been swiped during a trade event where I was doing a demo!

3. Slim leather cases: Sena Cases
IPB Image

Ramsey Oten, Ph.D., President and Marketing Director of Sena Cases really has a good product on their hands. From making PDA cases, they now produce cases for the iPod, and PSP - their quality is exceptional. They are also very fast in responding to the need for producing new and durable models. I've have the case for the iPAQ h6315 (the first one to come out for the model at the time) for more than a year and my h2215 (about 2+ years) - both of which I had the opportunity to review - and was never let down! (You know, come to think of it, I even remember back then, signing up on the waiting list for the first production of the 2200 case!)Those models, like some of their other cases, also allow docking without having to remove the case. And for me, most importantly, provided overall protection without adding significant bulk. There product displays some nice craftmanship and durability (may cases have yet to show some wear). I did not complain once, having to put a device outfitted with a Sena Case info my pants pocket!

3. Handcrafted Cowskin, Cowskin-Crocodile, Cowskin-Ostrich cases: Piel Frama
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Now for something a bit more conservative and luxurious, Piel Frama's cases fit the bill! Visit their website for their large selection of cases, all of which are handcrafted by skilled leather craftsman using only 1a Spanish cowskin. Check out their Elaboration process here: http://www.pielframa.com/about_us_fab.htm. Do you remember your Dad's leather wallet or leather jacket and how the leather smelled when ever he pulled it out? You'll experience it whenever you pull your PDA out! It smells, feels and looks rich! I've had their cases for my Toshiba e750 and i-mate JAM and they never ceased to please. The fit and finish is one-of-a-kind, with protection and usability kept intact. They are very receptive to customer suggestions and have great customer support behind it. Stay tuned...I have a review of a couple of their cases coming soon!

So these are my picks - I hope they get you off to a good start!


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