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Reydio static

Step 3: Reassign buttons on the Wizard...

- for easier one-handed operation.

First, continuing from Step 2b, where we hacked the registry to enable the use of Voice Command over the Bluetooth headset, let's reassign the built-in voice dialer button to also activate Voice Command. This will be helpful when you want to activate it as a regular handset (sans headset).

Proceed to Start>Settings>Buttons (within the Personal tab). In section 1, you may see that Voice Command has already reassigned to what was once the Messaging button. You can reassign that back to Messaging, but I'll get into my suggestion later in this post. For now, go and highlight Button 4 which is currently set for Voice Speed Dial and re-assign it to Voice Command in section 2.

Second, this will really make one handed use easier - you know how those softkeys work at the bottom of the screen and how they are assigned to the buttons directly blow it? Well, why not do the same for the Start and OK/Close functions on the top of the screen too to give similar Smartphone functionality?

Again, while still in the Button settings screen as above, change Button 1 to <Start Menu> and Button 2 to <OK/Close>.

There you go!

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