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Don Knotts, Darren McGavin, I didn't forget!

Posted by reydiodj, Mar 6 2006, 08:38 PM in Things that make you go WHAT THE...

Well, the Academy Awards have forgotten to include them in their memoriam, but I'll take a moment to post here:

Don Knotts

IPB Image

Daren McGavin

IPB Image

- so no, you didn't blink during the homage, they left them out, and I'm surprised not many news organizations didn't pick up on it. mad.gif

The 1Gb iPod nano

Posted by reydiodj, Mar 3 2006, 08:25 PM in Things that make you go WHAT THE...

I was torn between placing this in my "Mobile" category or my "Things that make you go WHAT THE..." category...

IPB Image

- I chose the latter.

Don't get me wrong, I like Apple's products and I have an iBook, a 30Gb 5G iPod model as well as the 1Gb Shuffle, but I just thought I'd mention it without further comment and let you guys be the judge.