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Where to see my latest postings...

Hi everyone!

With my new status as Editor Emeritus, you may see me posting here less frequently as I will be devoting my attentions to my section on the

I'll still post on the MGN front page from time to time, but to get all of my latest editorials, reviews, advice, etc., you can visit me there or at my bi-monthly usergroup meetings when posted at

Here's the direct link to my page:

Hope to see you there!

by: fireworks on Oct 17 2008, 05:33 AM

Share Dvd tools with Mac users!
Here is the result I want to share with Mac users:
1) Cost/Performance: Everybody wants to gain more with less money.
2) Speed: Nobody wants to waste too much time waiting.
3) Profile: Of course we want our software can convert all kinds of video formats.
4) Personal Demands: For example, someone just wants to convert part of the DVD video, or others want the special output video format like PSP compliant forms and etc.
5) Easy to use: we want to make things easy.

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