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GPS recommendations for Windows Mobile 5.0 devices

So here's a question that's come up quite a bit with me lately and that is: "What is a good GPS software solution that is compatible with WM 5.0?"

Well I have a few suggestions for you (in no particular order):

For Pocket PC:

IPB Image
On Course Navigator 5 -
I've had a good experience with their software when judging their offering in the Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine awards; although their program memory requirements are quite high, the functionality is more than I expected. A patch came out to improve it's functionality w/WM5.0 on their latest offering.

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iGuidance -
This is another one that really performed well in my judging last year and they've also come out with a patch to allow for WM5.0 compatibility.

For Smartphone:

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CoPilot Live 6 -
Again their offering last year was excellent and won last year's Best Software Award category for Smartphone GPS - their latest offering includes WM5.0 compatibility (which I'd like to try on my SDA), including hardware specific compatibility with the Motorola Q, Palm Treo 700w.

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