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How to set up BT COM Port(s) with the WIDCOMM BT D

Posted by , Aug 22 2005, 02:44 PM in ActiveSync and Computer related

The following will show you how to set up a low Bluetooth COM Port number to use ActiveSync via Bluetooth.

I am asuming that you have the bluetooth drivers installed and that your bluetooth dongle is indeed operational.

First pair your phone, then right click on the green bluetooth icon on the taskbar ( its white if you have no devices currently connected ) select Advanced Configuration. Now go and open ActiveSync, click file, Connection Settings, check "Allow serial or infared connection to this COM port" see what COM ports are availabe if none are available the we need to make one, if one is available go back to the Advanced Configuration dialog box and click the Local Services Tab and click on the Bluetooth Serial Port, take note of the COM port number if that number is available in the list of available COM ports then select that COM port in ActiveSync. If its not, then we will have to make one.

This will deal with modifying hardware, if your not sure what your are doing, then don't do it.

Go to the device manager on the computer, click COM ports, you should see a couple of COM ports, click on one but do not click on the Bluetooth COM port. Right click on one of the NON Blueooth Communications COM ports that you know you computer is not using and that is a low number like 5 and select properties. Click on the Port Settings tab, and click the Advanced button. Where it says COM Port Number, select a new COM number that is the same as the COM number as the Bluetooth COM number. ( We are doing this because this will allow you to free up a low COM Port Number that we can use for the Bluetooth COM Port, ActiveSync will only reconize low COM Port numbers so this is why this is nesassary ) After you do this go back to the Advanced Configuration dialog box and to the Local Services Tab. Now click on Add Serial Device and a dialog box appears and you will see COM Port: Select the COM number you just freed up. You should now have a new Bluetooth COM port with the lower port number. Delete the old Bluetooth COM port so there won't be any conflits with the one you change in the device manager. Now select this COM Port Number in ActiveSync and then on your phone open ActiveSync and hit Menu, Connect Via Bluetooth and ActiveSync on your computer should activate and start to sync.


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