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Applications for you Windows Mobile Smartphone

Posted by , Aug 22 2005, 03:02 PM in Smartphone Experience

The following is a list of Applications for your Windows Mobile Smartphone that I use and find highly useable....if there are anyothers that you feel that should be on this list, just leave a comment or PM me and I will make adjustments if needed.

Facade - A homescreen plugin that allows you to see you calender appointments and tasks right on the homescreen.

Papyrus - Is a add-on to Pocket Outlook on your Smartphone, it adds many features to Pocket Outlook......it does so much that its too long to list here. Just follow the link and read all about it.

Total Commander - A File Manager that lets you create .zip, .cab and other file types. Very useful.

M2SimCopy - This app lets you copy all you SIM contacts to the phones memory all at once...very useful.

Agile Messenger - This allows you to connect to Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, and ICQ messengers all at once, individually or in a combination of your choice, its very easy to use and has a very nice interface.

PHM Registry Editor
- A registry editor that installs on your phone, makes editing the registry on the go effortless.

Smartione Registry Editor - A registry editor that installs on your computer and allows access to the registry via an ActiveSync connection.

BT Toggler - This app lets you turn BT on and off quicly...I added it speed dial and just hit hit the coresponding number to turn BT on and off.

Chronos - This great application allows you to have mutiple timers and alarms, not only that but you can set it to run specified applications at certian times. Very useful.

Ruttensoft Call Assistant - Allows you to automatically send SMS messages to people to let them no that you in a situation where you can not answer the phone but you want to aknowledge that you recieved their call.

Airfagev - This is a site with alot of freeware apps and utilities for your phone.


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