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BT Modem Link for Windows Smartphones.

Posted by , Aug 22 2005, 02:44 PM in Data Connections and Settings

Modem link via Bluetooth for Windows Smartphones

This is a brief tutorial on how to do a modem link with the MPx 220 via bluetooth. This is for connecting to Cingular's GPRS network. I highly suggest that you have a unlimited data plan before tethering your computer.

1st: Pair your phone to the computer, windows will recognize the phone and install "Standard Modem over Bluetooth Link"

Go to Control Panel, Modems and Phones and confirm, if its not there try adding it via the add button.

3rd: Highlight "Standard Modem over Bluetooth Link" and click the Properties button. Then select the Advanced tab. Type in the string you see in the image.

4th: Create a new dial up connection, and make sure you use "Standard Modem over Bluetooth link" mine picked this automatically because its the only "modem" I have.

5th: In the username field type: WAP@CINGULARGPRS.COM, in the password field type: CINGULAR1 make sure both are in all caps.

Type *99# in the Dial: field and press connect


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