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Registry Editing 101

Posted by , Dec 11 2005, 02:58 PM in Software and Registry

I am making this breif tutorial for all the Smartphone newbz out there.


The Windows Mobile OS, both on PPC's and Smartphones, are controlled by a registry. Just like the registry on your Windows PC, the WM (Windows Mobile) registry is where controls for hardware and sofware are put. Registry keys define how hardware and sofware act. Making edits to the registry can improve performace, enable or disable features, or add them.

What do I need to edit the registry on my WM device?

Well you need a registry editor. I suggest PHM Registry editor for both PPC and Smartphone.

What do I do with the .cab file once I download it?

Simple, hook your phone up to your computer with the data cable. ActiveSync on your computer should start automatically. Then in the ActiveSync window, hit the "Explore" button. A new window will come up, double click on the "Windows Mobile device" (or something to that extent) icon. Now you can browse the file directory of your Smartphone just like you can on your computer. Now you will see a folder called "Temp" double click on it and simply drag and drop the .cab file for PHM Registry editor in to this folder. Now on your phone go to File Manager and go to the /Temp folder. There you will see the .cab file for PHM Registry Editor. Select the .cab file. The installer will come up and install PHM Registry Editor to your device.

Now you should be ready to go to perform registry edits on your device. Remember to be careful, if you make a mistake you will mess up the phone and you will have to perform a hard reset. So make sure you know what your doing before you do it! I take no responsiblty if you hose your phone, this tutorial is for learning purposes only!


When you have alot of registry edits to do, do them one by one. Restart the device after every registry edit. I know its tedious but it will save you from potential problems.

If you have alot of edits to perform try out Smartione, its a registry editor that you install on your computer and it connects to your phones registry via ActiveSync, Smartione can make it easier to perform several registry edits quickly.

Scroll trough my blog, you will find a list of registry edits you can try.


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