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ROM upgrade Do's and Don'ts

Posted by , Aug 22 2005, 02:44 PM in MPx 220 ROM's How To's

If you been in the MS Smartphone forum on MGN, you will noticed that there is alot of talk about different ROMs that are available. You maybe wondering what can these ROM's do for me and why would I even need to change my ROM...heck better yet you may not even know what a ROM is.

Well I am going to clairfy some things for all of you that are lost and need a little insight. A ROM is a chip on your phone its called Read Only Memory...on this chip is a piece of software that tells your phone how to work, and the operating system of the phone...eg Windows Mobile 2003 for Smartphone. Not only this but the most important part is the software code that operates your phones hardware and controls its functionalty. New ROM's can change alot of things: fix software errors, improve memory management and performance, upgrade your operating system, add a piece of embeded software that adds functionalty, and a whole mess of things. Windows Mobile is embeded and is not stored on a "hard disk" like Windows XP is stored on you computers hard drive. Unlike your computer, you can't just install certian "operarting system compents and live the OS intact like you can with Windows XP". On a embeded operating system a new ROM image is required to make changes. That is just a little insight on what a ROM image is and what it really does, there is much more to it than that but that should give an understanding on what is going on when it comes to your Smartphone and ROM's.

A New ROM can fix problems on your phone but at the same time bring other, new, problems that could be worse and or just as anoying as the old problems that the new ROM fixed.

Keep this in mind when you are thinking about upgrading your ROM. The following is a makeshift checklist to keep in mind when deciding to upgrade your ROM to a newer version or a version that offers more benifits for you particular needs/wants.

1. Find out if the ROM version you are going to upgrade to will solve more problems then it will create - very important if you don't want to have a load of flustration.

2. Make a back up of your phone, use Sprite Backup or keep a copy of every app that is important to you on your computer.

3. Make sure it supports your carrier, make the descion if you want to use a ROM that may not have the settings for GPRS, WAP, and or MMS for your carrier and that you don't mind typing them back in.

4. Make sure it supports a language your speak and or are familar with.

5. Make sure you have a copy of your old ROM on had just in case the new ROM doesn't meet your expectations.

6. MOST IMPORTANTLY do NOT attempt any ROM change unless you are comfortable and you have a real understanding on what you are doing.

Proceeding with a ROM change with out a clear understanding on what you are doing could render your 400+ phone to a nice paperweight. Keep those things in mind and think hard of any other things that you must consider for you particualr situation. Remember if you need help get it before you do ANYTHING! Go to one of the smartphone forums at MGN and post your question...don't be a dummy and hose your phone! I hope this helps you guys who was lost on this topic and it sheads a little light in your area. Good luck and be smart!


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