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Asian ROM tweaks (3.45 and 3.46)

Posted by , Aug 22 2005, 02:45 PM in MPx 220 ROM's How To's

Some help with the Asian ROM's

Ok so here it goes...first you are probably wondering how to change the language to English? That’s easy enough simply hit:

Start, 9, 1, 9, 6, blue button, US English, Left soft key, and finally reboot

After reboot, make sure you set your regional setting to US English. Also, make sure you change your locale to English (United States).

Next, you are all probably wondering how to get rid of that GoTone plug in the homescreen? Well that is simple enough...you look below and download the two modified homescreens I made. Save them in Storage\Application Data\Home.

Normal Homescreen

Normal Homescreen with MRU

Now you want to get rid of the GoTone start up and shut down logos right? Well that’s not a problem. Just right click on the image you want and select "Save Image As". Thanks drizze99 for supplying the images. Then store them on your phone…you can store them in Storage\My Documents or you can store them on \Storage Card. You can store them anywhere really just remember the path to ware they are located.

For Cingular:

[attachmentid=131] Power up .gif

[attachmentid=132] Power down .gif

For T-Mobile:

[attachmentid=133] Power up .gif

[attachmentid=134] Power down .gif

Now go here to see the registry key that changes this for you. Just scroll down a bit and you will see a list of registry keys.

You can put any picture you want for the startup and shut down screens….just make sure they are .gif files and are 220 X 176.

If you have looked into your Contacts you have probably noticed that your addresses are backwards…not to worry, there is a solution.

The registry key needed to change this is posted in another section of my blog, you can go here to check it out.

Well that should do it, remember to search around in my blog for other helpful information.

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