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Sirius Radio on your Smartphone.

Posted by , Jan 16 2006, 08:10 PM in Smartphone Experience

A member over at Hofo by the name of bitslap47 has rewritten the code for Sirus CE to work on Windows Mobile devices. I tried it out today and it is awesome, and its perfectly legal. You must have a subscription with Sirius Radio for this to work or you can sign up for a free 3 day trial here.

Expect more updates to this software to follow, and yes its the software is free.

.NET Compact Framework 2.0 is not required as orginally thought so if you have limited space on your phones memory, there is no need to install it. Also if you have a WM5 device, more than likely you have the 2.0 version already installed.


Download SiriusWM5.

Unzip the file and move the .exe file into any directory you want on your smartphone. I put mine in \Program Files\SiriusWM5\SiriusWM5.exe. Then I created a shortcut in put it in \Application Data\Start Menu

The program will create a .asx file to the channel you choose and play it in Windows Media Player 10 on your phone.

It is HIGHLY suggested that you have an unlimted data plan with your carrier since streaming media uses alot of data.


If your at home, connect your phone to ActiveSync and use pass-thru connection to listen to your fav. Sirius stations using your data connection on your computer.

My Current Homescreen

Posted by , Sep 21 2005, 11:15 PM in Smartphone Experience

Design for the elements of this theme is due to the creator and not me.


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Applications for you Windows Mobile Smartphone

Posted by , Aug 22 2005, 03:02 PM in Smartphone Experience

The following is a list of Applications for your Windows Mobile Smartphone that I use and find highly useable....if there are anyothers that you feel that should be on this list, just leave a comment or PM me and I will make adjustments if needed.

Facade - A homescreen plugin that allows you to see you calender appointments and tasks right on the homescreen.

Papyrus - Is a add-on to Pocket Outlook on your Smartphone, it adds many features to Pocket Outlook......it does so much that its too long to list here. Just follow the link and read all about it.

Total Commander - A File Manager that lets you create .zip, .cab and other file types. Very useful.

M2SimCopy - This app lets you copy all you SIM contacts to the phones memory all at once...very useful.

Agile Messenger - This allows you to connect to Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, and ICQ messengers all at once, individually or in a combination of your choice, its very easy to use and has a very nice interface.

PHM Registry Editor
- A registry editor that installs on your phone, makes editing the registry on the go effortless.

Smartione Registry Editor - A registry editor that installs on your computer and allows access to the registry via an ActiveSync connection.

BT Toggler - This app lets you turn BT on and off quicly...I added it speed dial and just hit hit the coresponding number to turn BT on and off.

Chronos - This great application allows you to have mutiple timers and alarms, not only that but you can set it to run specified applications at certian times. Very useful.

Ruttensoft Call Assistant - Allows you to automatically send SMS messages to people to let them no that you in a situation where you can not answer the phone but you want to aknowledge that you recieved their call.

Airfagev - This is a site with alot of freeware apps and utilities for your phone.

BT ActiveSync and GPS at once

Posted by , Aug 22 2005, 02:45 PM in Smartphone Experience

Some of you may have noticed that when you do a BT ActiveSync and then try to connect to your GPS device that you get an error. Well the following is a fix for this thanks to ffaridi1 and biek over at HowardForums.

NOTE: You must have the Asian ROM's 3.45 or 3.46 installed on your phone.

1st: Delete all parings to all devices.

2nd: With a registry editor go to HKLU\Control Pannel\Bluetooth. Make sure the values in IsBthVCOMactive and IsBthCOMSetup are set to "0"

3rd: Now repair your devices, including your computer and your BT GPS device. Then go to Start, Settings, Bluetooth, Menu, COM ports and assign COM ports to your GPS device and your PC. Make sure they are different.

I would leave the one you have for the PC as it is and just assing COM 0 to your GPS device.

You should now be be able to BT ActiveSync and connect your GPS device via your favorite Mapping Software on your Smartphone.

The above set up is for the MPx 220 but should work the same on the Audiovox SMT 5600, I believe there is a menu in the Start Menu that says COM Ports, you would set your COM ports from there. Also, I am not sure if the same registry entries are in the SMT 5600. If you have any questions please ask them in the forums, the link is in the begianing of this post.

XM and Streaming Radio

Posted by , Aug 22 2005, 02:45 PM in Smartphone Experience

If you are interested in listening to your favorite XM radio station or streaming radio station then I suggest you check out TendoMentis Blog. Not only will you find a easy to use guide to do this but you will find other useful hints and dowloads for your MS Smartphone.