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Posted by omega2008, Feb 16 2006, 09:43 PM

I will no longer post my tutorials and FAQ's here in my blog, For now on they will be posted in the Cingular 8125 FAQ Forum. I have already posted a Registry edit list for the 8125. More tutorials and FAQ's to come.

Sirius Radio on your Smartphone.

Posted by , Jan 16 2006, 08:10 PM in Smartphone Experience

A member over at Hofo by the name of bitslap47 has rewritten the code for Sirus CE to work on Windows Mobile devices. I tried it out today and it is awesome, and its perfectly legal. You must have a subscription with Sirius Radio for this to work or you can sign up for a free 3 day trial here.

Expect more updates to this software to follow, and yes its the software is free.

.NET Compact Framework 2.0 is not required as orginally thought so if you have limited space on your phones memory, there is no need to install it. Also if you have a WM5 device, more than likely you have the 2.0 version already installed.


Download SiriusWM5.

Unzip the file and move the .exe file into any directory you want on your smartphone. I put mine in \Program Files\SiriusWM5\SiriusWM5.exe. Then I created a shortcut in put it in \Application Data\Start Menu

The program will create a .asx file to the channel you choose and play it in Windows Media Player 10 on your phone.

It is HIGHLY suggested that you have an unlimted data plan with your carrier since streaming media uses alot of data.


If your at home, connect your phone to ActiveSync and use pass-thru connection to listen to your fav. Sirius stations using your data connection on your computer.

HTC 2125

Posted by , Dec 19 2005, 04:32 PM

Stay tuned to MGN, I will be giving support for this device here on MGN. So please post your questions in this Forum.

I found an app that will let you send a contact via SMS it adds it to the Menu key in contacts. All you do is install the .cab, reboot the phone and go to Contacts and highlight the contact you want to send, hit Menu and it will have an option that says " send via email/SMS"

You can get it here

Application unlock your phone:

Download the HTC signed PHM Registry editor: regeditSTG

unzip the file and copy the regeditSTG.exe file to the Program Files folder on your 2125.

Run the registry editor and go to the following keys:


Change 00001001 from current value to 1
Change 00001005 from current value to 40

now reboot the phone.

To SIM unlock your 2125:

Get SPV Servicces:SPV ServicesUnlocker

Unzip all of the contents of the ZIP file into a folder on your PC. Then move cert.cab from that folder to your phone. Next go to File Manger and go to where you put the cert.cab file at and select it and run it.

Connect your phone to your computer via ActiveSync (can be either USB or BT, I haven't tried IR) then run SPVServices.exe on your PC and chose SIM lock option on the left, type AGREE into the box.

Reboot and there you have it.


Make sure before you view MS office documents that you associate them with Clear Vue Suite. (its located on the disk that came with your phone). Remember that attatchemtns are stored in Storage\Application Data\Volitile

If you are in need of a program that autolocks the keypad try this out: Auto Keypad Lock

SmartSS works with WM5

Registry Edits for the HTC 2125

Change the Start Menu background image:


Change the director in the Value data filed in the BKBitmapFile String.

Change the way the start menu looks (from grid to list or vise versa):

The same key as above but select the GridView DWORD change the Value Data from 1 to 0.

The following link is a thread over at modaco that has alot of registry edits for WM5:

Hint* it seem that the Rai key has alot of sub keys that control many of the menus of the 2125. Read thru them and see what you can find.

However, it seems after you do these registry edits and you restart phone, it will put the settings back. So I will have to try to figure out how to keep that from happening. Sometime they will stick, sometimes they won't. I haven't figure it out why they don't hopefully someone with better knowledge of WM5 can chime in on this, if you have any info please PM me here, thanks.

Registry Editing 101

Posted by , Dec 11 2005, 02:58 PM in Software and Registry

I am making this breif tutorial for all the Smartphone newbz out there.


The Windows Mobile OS, both on PPC's and Smartphones, are controlled by a registry. Just like the registry on your Windows PC, the WM (Windows Mobile) registry is where controls for hardware and sofware are put. Registry keys define how hardware and sofware act. Making edits to the registry can improve performace, enable or disable features, or add them.

What do I need to edit the registry on my WM device?

Well you need a registry editor. I suggest PHM Registry editor for both PPC and Smartphone.

What do I do with the .cab file once I download it?

Simple, hook your phone up to your computer with the data cable. ActiveSync on your computer should start automatically. Then in the ActiveSync window, hit the "Explore" button. A new window will come up, double click on the "Windows Mobile device" (or something to that extent) icon. Now you can browse the file directory of your Smartphone just like you can on your computer. Now you will see a folder called "Temp" double click on it and simply drag and drop the .cab file for PHM Registry editor in to this folder. Now on your phone go to File Manager and go to the /Temp folder. There you will see the .cab file for PHM Registry Editor. Select the .cab file. The installer will come up and install PHM Registry Editor to your device.

Now you should be ready to go to perform registry edits on your device. Remember to be careful, if you make a mistake you will mess up the phone and you will have to perform a hard reset. So make sure you know what your doing before you do it! I take no responsiblty if you hose your phone, this tutorial is for learning purposes only!


When you have alot of registry edits to do, do them one by one. Restart the device after every registry edit. I know its tedious but it will save you from potential problems.

If you have alot of edits to perform try out Smartione, its a registry editor that you install on your computer and it connects to your phones registry via ActiveSync, Smartione can make it easier to perform several registry edits quickly.

Scroll trough my blog, you will find a list of registry edits you can try.

Changing the Fonts on Windows Mobile Smartphones.

Posted by , Sep 25 2005, 05:05 PM in Software and Registry

The following is how to setup your phone to use any .ttf font.

Note: The following involves modifing the registry, if you are not familar with the registry or not comfortable making modifications to the registry i'd suggest you familarize yourself before proceeding.

You will need the following:

1. the .ttf font you want to install
2. PHM registry editor. (you can use Smartione but this tutorial is focused on using PHM)

Step One: Putting the font in the correct directory.

Once you get ahold of the .ttf file for the font you want to use you need to install it in the following directory on your computer: \Storage\windows\Fonts in this folder at all times should be Nina.ttf this is nessasary because if the font you choose is corupted or is not compatable for some unknown reason the phone can default back to the nina font. If its not there you may have a big problem when rebooting after performing the registry modifications.

Step Two: Creating the nessasary keys.

On your phone start PHM Registry Editor, then go to the following key:


Now depending on your ROM the following key may already be in this directory, if it is then skip the step on creating it. Just enter the Value Data. You will have to make the FontPath key however.

Create the FontLink key:

In the directory mentioned above hit Menu, New Key and call it FontLink. Select the new key you created called FontLink and hit the action button. Now hit Menu, New Key and call it SystemLink. So know you have the key FontLink with the key SystemLink. Select SystemLink and hit Values, then hit Menu, New Value, String. A window will come up with the header "Edit String Value", in Value Name: put Nina and in Value Data put \Storage\windows\Fonts\name of the font.ttf, true name of the font.


Say you want to install Tahoma. So in Value Data: put \Storage\windows\Fonts\Tahoma.ttf, Tahoma

Leave Value Type: like it is.

Creating the FontPath key:

Now it Done, then hit the Back key until you get back to the Micrsoft list of keys. Now hit Menu, New Key and call it FontPath. Select FontPath and hit Values then hit Menu, New Value, String. In Value Name: put FontPath and in Value Data: put \Storage\windows\Fonts.

Hit Done, and hit the Back key until you get back to the list of Microsoft keys. Then check all the entries for FontLink and FontPath and make sure they are correct per my instructions above. Now exit out of PHM Registry Editor and reboot your phone and voila! your new font is shown.

My Current Homescreen

Posted by , Sep 21 2005, 11:15 PM in Smartphone Experience

Design for the elements of this theme is due to the creator and not me.


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Applications for you Windows Mobile Smartphone

Posted by , Aug 22 2005, 03:02 PM in Smartphone Experience

The following is a list of Applications for your Windows Mobile Smartphone that I use and find highly useable....if there are anyothers that you feel that should be on this list, just leave a comment or PM me and I will make adjustments if needed.

Facade - A homescreen plugin that allows you to see you calender appointments and tasks right on the homescreen.

Papyrus - Is a add-on to Pocket Outlook on your Smartphone, it adds many features to Pocket Outlook......it does so much that its too long to list here. Just follow the link and read all about it.

Total Commander - A File Manager that lets you create .zip, .cab and other file types. Very useful.

M2SimCopy - This app lets you copy all you SIM contacts to the phones memory all at once...very useful.

Agile Messenger - This allows you to connect to Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, and ICQ messengers all at once, individually or in a combination of your choice, its very easy to use and has a very nice interface.

PHM Registry Editor
- A registry editor that installs on your phone, makes editing the registry on the go effortless.

Smartione Registry Editor - A registry editor that installs on your computer and allows access to the registry via an ActiveSync connection.

BT Toggler - This app lets you turn BT on and off quicly...I added it speed dial and just hit hit the coresponding number to turn BT on and off.

Chronos - This great application allows you to have mutiple timers and alarms, not only that but you can set it to run specified applications at certian times. Very useful.

Ruttensoft Call Assistant - Allows you to automatically send SMS messages to people to let them no that you in a situation where you can not answer the phone but you want to aknowledge that you recieved their call.

Airfagev - This is a site with alot of freeware apps and utilities for your phone.

BT ActiveSync and GPS at once

Posted by , Aug 22 2005, 02:45 PM in Smartphone Experience

Some of you may have noticed that when you do a BT ActiveSync and then try to connect to your GPS device that you get an error. Well the following is a fix for this thanks to ffaridi1 and biek over at HowardForums.

NOTE: You must have the Asian ROM's 3.45 or 3.46 installed on your phone.

1st: Delete all parings to all devices.

2nd: With a registry editor go to HKLU\Control Pannel\Bluetooth. Make sure the values in IsBthVCOMactive and IsBthCOMSetup are set to "0"

3rd: Now repair your devices, including your computer and your BT GPS device. Then go to Start, Settings, Bluetooth, Menu, COM ports and assign COM ports to your GPS device and your PC. Make sure they are different.

I would leave the one you have for the PC as it is and just assing COM 0 to your GPS device.

You should now be be able to BT ActiveSync and connect your GPS device via your favorite Mapping Software on your Smartphone.

The above set up is for the MPx 220 but should work the same on the Audiovox SMT 5600, I believe there is a menu in the Start Menu that says COM Ports, you would set your COM ports from there. Also, I am not sure if the same registry entries are in the SMT 5600. If you have any questions please ask them in the forums, the link is in the begianing of this post.

XM and Streaming Radio

Posted by , Aug 22 2005, 02:45 PM in Smartphone Experience

If you are interested in listening to your favorite XM radio station or streaming radio station then I suggest you check out TendoMentis Blog. Not only will you find a easy to use guide to do this but you will find other useful hints and dowloads for your MS Smartphone.

Asian ROM tweaks (3.45 and 3.46)

Posted by , Aug 22 2005, 02:45 PM in MPx 220 ROM's How To's

Some help with the Asian ROM's

Ok so here it goes...first you are probably wondering how to change the language to English? That’s easy enough simply hit:

Start, 9, 1, 9, 6, blue button, US English, Left soft key, and finally reboot

After reboot, make sure you set your regional setting to US English. Also, make sure you change your locale to English (United States).

Next, you are all probably wondering how to get rid of that GoTone plug in the homescreen? Well that is simple enough...you look below and download the two modified homescreens I made. Save them in Storage\Application Data\Home.

Normal Homescreen

Normal Homescreen with MRU

Now you want to get rid of the GoTone start up and shut down logos right? Well that’s not a problem. Just right click on the image you want and select "Save Image As". Thanks drizze99 for supplying the images. Then store them on your phone…you can store them in Storage\My Documents or you can store them on \Storage Card. You can store them anywhere really just remember the path to ware they are located.

For Cingular:

[attachmentid=131] Power up .gif

[attachmentid=132] Power down .gif

For T-Mobile:

[attachmentid=133] Power up .gif

[attachmentid=134] Power down .gif

Now go here to see the registry key that changes this for you. Just scroll down a bit and you will see a list of registry keys.

You can put any picture you want for the startup and shut down screens….just make sure they are .gif files and are 220 X 176.

If you have looked into your Contacts you have probably noticed that your addresses are backwards…not to worry, there is a solution.

The registry key needed to change this is posted in another section of my blog, you can go here to check it out.

Well that should do it, remember to search around in my blog for other helpful information.

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Attached File  nomru1_1_.home.zip ( 1.74K ) Number of downloads: 4422
Attached File  full1_1_.home.zip ( 1.96K ) Number of downloads: 4043

Data Connections on the Asian and Generic ROM's

Posted by , Aug 22 2005, 02:45 PM in Data Connections and Settings

About The Asian and Generic ROM's

I have noticed some people having problems with the Data Connections on there phone...saying that there isn't a "PDA Connect" to select....well that is because you have to create it. You need to hit Menu, Edit Connections, GPRS and type in the settings for the Cingular or AT&T GPRS settings. You also need to do the same for the Proxy Settings. You don't have to call it PDA Connect....you can call it anything you want...just remember you have create the two connections when using a Asian ROM or a Generic ROM, also you will need to do this if you use a different .opr that doesn't have the Cingular or AT&T branding.

BT Modem Link for Windows Smartphones.

Posted by , Aug 22 2005, 02:44 PM in Data Connections and Settings

Modem link via Bluetooth for Windows Smartphones

This is a brief tutorial on how to do a modem link with the MPx 220 via bluetooth. This is for connecting to Cingular's GPRS network. I highly suggest that you have a unlimited data plan before tethering your computer.

1st: Pair your phone to the computer, windows will recognize the phone and install "Standard Modem over Bluetooth Link"

Go to Control Panel, Modems and Phones and confirm, if its not there try adding it via the add button.

3rd: Highlight "Standard Modem over Bluetooth Link" and click the Properties button. Then select the Advanced tab. Type in the string you see in the image.

4th: Create a new dial up connection, and make sure you use "Standard Modem over Bluetooth link" mine picked this automatically because its the only "modem" I have.

5th: In the username field type: WAP@CINGULARGPRS.COM, in the password field type: CINGULAR1 make sure both are in all caps.

Type *99# in the Dial: field and press connect

How to set up BT COM Port(s) with the WIDCOMM BT D

Posted by , Aug 22 2005, 02:44 PM in ActiveSync and Computer related

The following will show you how to set up a low Bluetooth COM Port number to use ActiveSync via Bluetooth.

I am asuming that you have the bluetooth drivers installed and that your bluetooth dongle is indeed operational.

First pair your phone, then right click on the green bluetooth icon on the taskbar ( its white if you have no devices currently connected ) select Advanced Configuration. Now go and open ActiveSync, click file, Connection Settings, check "Allow serial or infared connection to this COM port" see what COM ports are availabe if none are available the we need to make one, if one is available go back to the Advanced Configuration dialog box and click the Local Services Tab and click on the Bluetooth Serial Port, take note of the COM port number if that number is available in the list of available COM ports then select that COM port in ActiveSync. If its not, then we will have to make one.

This will deal with modifying hardware, if your not sure what your are doing, then don't do it.

Go to the device manager on the computer, click COM ports, you should see a couple of COM ports, click on one but do not click on the Bluetooth COM port. Right click on one of the NON Blueooth Communications COM ports that you know you computer is not using and that is a low number like 5 and select properties. Click on the Port Settings tab, and click the Advanced button. Where it says COM Port Number, select a new COM number that is the same as the COM number as the Bluetooth COM number. ( We are doing this because this will allow you to free up a low COM Port Number that we can use for the Bluetooth COM Port, ActiveSync will only reconize low COM Port numbers so this is why this is nesassary ) After you do this go back to the Advanced Configuration dialog box and to the Local Services Tab. Now click on Add Serial Device and a dialog box appears and you will see COM Port: Select the COM number you just freed up. You should now have a new Bluetooth COM port with the lower port number. Delete the old Bluetooth COM port so there won't be any conflits with the one you change in the device manager. Now select this COM Port Number in ActiveSync and then on your phone open ActiveSync and hit Menu, Connect Via Bluetooth and ActiveSync on your computer should activate and start to sync.

My New Case for the MPx 220

Posted by , Aug 22 2005, 02:44 PM in Smartphone Accessories

Check out my pics on the new case I got for my MPx 220. All in all its an OK case, its doing well so far. Check them out below:


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Upgrading the MPx 220 ROM

Posted by , Aug 22 2005, 02:44 PM in MPx 220 ROM's How To's

Step by Step Procedure on how to upgrade the ROM on your MPx 220.

NOTE:Upgrading the ROM is fairly straightforward and is easily done provided you follow the updaters and my instructions. Do not do anything that you are unsure of, I am not responsible for any damages you cause to your device, do this at your own risk!


This tutorial will explain how to update your MPx 220’s ROM. There are several ROM versions with 1.430 being the most up to date U.S versions for Cingular and AT&T.


There are two files you need to familiarize yourself with: the .mlf file and the .opr file.

.mlf file – This is the file that contains the setup information for the ROM, you need to concern yourself with this unless you are wanting the ROM and you want to change the .opr file (branding).

.opr file – This file contains carrier specific files and branding, you only need to change this file when you want to use a different .opr file than the one that comes with the ROM you are installing.

The following will deal with those people who want a certain ROM version but want to use a different .opr. If you don’t need to use a different .opr , scroll down to the end of this document for instructions.


There are two updaters, one is offline and lets you upgrade to any ROM you want and the other is offline which is for MPx 220 owners that have a Cingular or AT&T branded ROM on there phone and they want to get the newest ROM with out using the Offline updater. Instructions for the Online updater are at the end of this document.

Using the Offline Updater to update your ROM when you want to use a different .opr file.

Before we start you need to make sure you have the following and that you complete the following before proceeding:

USB Data Cable
Motorola Offline System Updater
Install USB Driver
Turn off your phone, and remove the battery.

After those 4 steps are completed then you are ready to proceed.

1st – Get a hold of the ROM files you want to upgrade to and the ROM with the .opr file that you want to use.

2nd – You will need to create a folder and put all the files of the ROM you are upgrading to and you need to put the .opr file you want to use in this folder, you can leave the .opr file that came with the ROM files you are going to use to upgrade or you can delete it, it doesn’t matter.

3rd – You will need to locate the .mlf file that is in the folder with the ROM files that you are upgrading to, once you found it open Notepad, in Notepad click File, Open you will need to change Files of Type: .txt to All Files and point it to the location where you folder is at and to the .mlf file.

4th – When you open the .mlf file it will look like the following:

[Package Download Profile]



VERSION = 1.390



[Package Info Main Body]


[Package Info Main]

IMAGE FILE = MDS-0-1390-0000-0.max

[Package Info 1]

IMAGE FILE = MDSBL-4-3270.bl



[Package Info 2]

IMAGE FILE = 400G23270.m0



[Package Info 3]

IMAGE FILE = MDSBT-4-3270.bt



[Package Info 4]

IMAGE FILE = MDSYL-4-3270.yl



[Package Info 5]

IMAGE FILE = MDSXL-4-3270.xl



[Package Info 6]

IMAGE FILE = MDS-0-1390-0000-0.mbr



[Package Info 7]

IMAGE FILE = MDS-0-1390-0000-0.smf



[Package Info 8]

IMAGE FILE = MDS-0-1390-0000-0.chn



[Package Info 9]

IMAGE FILE = MDS-4-1390-0000-0.xkl



[Package Info 10]

IMAGE FILE = MDS-0-0490-1003-0.oap


INDEX = 10

[Package Info 11]

IMAGE FILE = MDS-4-1390-0000-0.oem


INDEX = 11

[Package Info 12]

IMAGE FILE = MDS-0-0500-1003-0.opr (This is entry you need to change, change it to the file name of the .opr file you put in the ROM folder that contains the files of the ROM you are updating too, it should began with MDS make sure you type it correctly or the update will fail!!. Once you have done this in Notepad click File, Save and close notepad)

INDEX = 12

[Package Info 13]

IMAGE FILE = MDS-0-0190-0000-0.lng


INDEX = 13

[Package Info 14]

IMAGE FILE = MDS-0-1390-0000-0.cpu


INDEX = 14

[Package Info 15]

IMAGE FILE = FLM-5-115A-012.f0


INDEX = 15


[Flex File Info]

FLEX FILE = FLM-R103-002.edf

Note: Your file will look different depending on the ROM files you are using, all you need to worry about is changing the entry that I noted above.

5th – Start the Motorola Offline System Updater, and follow the instructions that you see. It will ask you to point it to the .mlf file that you just edited, do so and everything should work fine. DO NOT plug the USB Data cable into the phone until it asks you too.

Offline Updater without needing to changing the .opr file.

If you don’t need to change the .opr file and you just want to upgrade your phone with the .opr file that is included with the ROM you are upgrading to then you need to do the following:

Before we start you need to make sure you have the following and that you complete the following before proceeding:

USB Data Cable
Motorola Offline System Updater
Install USB Driver
Turn off your phone, and remove the battery.

With those steps complete, make sure that your ROM files are unzipped and put in a folder, then Start the Motorola Offline Updater and follow the instructions, when it asks for the firmware file point it to the folder where your ROM files are located and point it to the .mlf file. DO NOT plug in the USB Data cable until it asks you too. It will start to download the ROM, so just sit back and relax, disconnect the USB Data Cable from the phone when it says “Update Successful”.

Using the MPx 220 System Update Tool (Online Updater).

Now if you are in need of the brand new 1.430 Cingular or AT&T ROM then you can use the MPx 220 System Update Tool (Online updater), this will download the new ROM for you and install it. Its very easy to use all you have to do is follow the instructions. Remember you must have a Cingular or AT&T branded ROM to use the Online updater.

I hope this helps, if you do not know what you are doing then before you proceed and possiably hose your phone please go here and ask for help.

ROM upgrade Do's and Don'ts

Posted by , Aug 22 2005, 02:44 PM in MPx 220 ROM's How To's

If you been in the MS Smartphone forum on MGN, you will noticed that there is alot of talk about different ROMs that are available. You maybe wondering what can these ROM's do for me and why would I even need to change my ROM...heck better yet you may not even know what a ROM is.

Well I am going to clairfy some things for all of you that are lost and need a little insight. A ROM is a chip on your phone its called Read Only Memory...on this chip is a piece of software that tells your phone how to work, and the operating system of the phone...eg Windows Mobile 2003 for Smartphone. Not only this but the most important part is the software code that operates your phones hardware and controls its functionalty. New ROM's can change alot of things: fix software errors, improve memory management and performance, upgrade your operating system, add a piece of embeded software that adds functionalty, and a whole mess of things. Windows Mobile is embeded and is not stored on a "hard disk" like Windows XP is stored on you computers hard drive. Unlike your computer, you can't just install certian "operarting system compents and live the OS intact like you can with Windows XP". On a embeded operating system a new ROM image is required to make changes. That is just a little insight on what a ROM image is and what it really does, there is much more to it than that but that should give an understanding on what is going on when it comes to your Smartphone and ROM's.

A New ROM can fix problems on your phone but at the same time bring other, new, problems that could be worse and or just as anoying as the old problems that the new ROM fixed.

Keep this in mind when you are thinking about upgrading your ROM. The following is a makeshift checklist to keep in mind when deciding to upgrade your ROM to a newer version or a version that offers more benifits for you particular needs/wants.

1. Find out if the ROM version you are going to upgrade to will solve more problems then it will create - very important if you don't want to have a load of flustration.

2. Make a back up of your phone, use Sprite Backup or keep a copy of every app that is important to you on your computer.

3. Make sure it supports your carrier, make the descion if you want to use a ROM that may not have the settings for GPRS, WAP, and or MMS for your carrier and that you don't mind typing them back in.

4. Make sure it supports a language your speak and or are familar with.

5. Make sure you have a copy of your old ROM on had just in case the new ROM doesn't meet your expectations.

6. MOST IMPORTANTLY do NOT attempt any ROM change unless you are comfortable and you have a real understanding on what you are doing.

Proceeding with a ROM change with out a clear understanding on what you are doing could render your 400+ phone to a nice paperweight. Keep those things in mind and think hard of any other things that you must consider for you particualr situation. Remember if you need help get it before you do ANYTHING! Go to one of the smartphone forums at MGN and post your question...don't be a dummy and hose your phone! I hope this helps you guys who was lost on this topic and it sheads a little light in your area. Good luck and be smart!

Cingular Data Settings for MS Smartphones

Posted by , Aug 22 2005, 02:44 PM in Data Connections and Settings

This breif tutorial will show you how to set up Data Connections for a Smartphone Device, These settings work for the Cingular GSM Netowork only.

To edit the GPRS connection settings: Start, Settings, Data Connections, Menu, Edit Connections, higlight GPRS Connections, highlight PDA Connect, Menu, Edit.


Edit the following fields:

Connects to: The Internet

Access point: wap.cingular


Password: CINGULAR1

Primary DNS, Secondary DNS and IP addresses: Blank for IP and for the primary and secondary DNS

To edit the Proxy settings: Start, Settings, Data Connections, Menu, Edit Connections, higlight Proxy Connections, highlight PDA Connect, Menu, Edit.


Edit the following fields:

Connects from: The Internet

Connects to: WAP Network

Proxy (name : port): wireless.cingular.com:80

Type: HTTP

Username and Password: Leave Blank

To Edit the MMS settings: Start, MMS Settings, Preferences (set this up to your liking, The Internet should be chosen for the Connect Via: field). Hit Menu, MMSC Settings, Edit.


Edit the following fields:

Name: Whatever you like, I use MMS

MMSC URL: http://mmsc.cingular.com

WAP Gateway:

Port: 9201

Max. Sending Size: Set this to your likeing

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MPx 220 Registry Edits

Posted by , Aug 22 2005, 02:43 PM in Software and Registry

Registry edits for the Motorola MPx 220

Here you will find registry edits for the MPx 220. Take note that these same keys may also be available in other MS Smartphones but not in the same location or may have a different name….if you are not sure then I recommend NOT messing with it until you can confirm that it is the key that you want to edit. I will add more to this list as more are discovered.

Note: Modifying, editing, and just plain messing around with the registry can totally hose your phone. If you do not know what you are doing I highly suggest that you stop what you are doing and go to one of the forums I list to the left and get help on the matter. I am NOT responsible for any damages, loss of functionality, and or any other type of abnormality.

The following are registry edits for the Asian 3.45 ROM, these same keys maybe located on other ROM versions.

Turn on ClearType:


Change from 0 to 1

*For the rest of the document, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE will be represented as HKLM likewise, HKEY_CURRENT_USER will be represented as HKCU*

Improve ClearType quality:


Increase this number until you get the look you want on your fonts, you will have to restart the phone each time for the changes to take affect.

Increase\Decrease the brightness of the Main LCD screen (Gamma)

HKLM\System\GDI\Gamma\Gamma Value

I have mine set at 2000, increase this value sparingly. If you increase it to much your screen can turn totally white and you will have to do a hard reset to get it back to normal

Turn on the GPRS Available icon on the icon bar:


Change to 0

Turn off the Roaming Indicator triangle:


You will need to create a New DWORD value. Call it NoRoamInd and set the Value Data to 1, if you want it back on simply change it to 0. Power cycle the phone so that the changes take affect.

Change the phones Start Up and Shut Down screen images:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Splash Screen\

Take note of these three keys: CarrierBitmap, CarrierShutdownBitmap, MSBitmap

In the Value Data field in each key type in the directory to where the image you want to use.


Value Data: \Windows\ms_splash.gif

Change the reverse order of adresses in Contacts:



Change from 2052 to 1033

Credit for this key is due to Don't Panic of HowardForums....thanks Don't Panic!

Disabling/Enabling the Moto log when the flip is open on the EXT LCD.

HKCU\Control Pannel\ExternalLCD


Change from 1 to 0 to disable
Change from 0 to 1 to enable