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Live from Kuwait!

Well I have finally managed to get off of the ship for a more than a few days of liberty. I am currently sitting out here in the very hot Kuwaity desert. It is only getting hotter as the days near summer. It is in the triple didgets here by 9am, and continues to climb through out the morning and afternoon. I am pretty much used to it though, but is doesn't make it any more pleasent. Life isn't all that bad out here these days, I am currently on an Army camp that has all sorts of great facilities and resturants. When I was out here back in 1999 it was nothing but open desert for what seemed to be an endless distance. It is still pretty much like that, but there is a little more to things these days. I guess that is all I can really get into about it right now without violating anything. I haven't turned my phone on yet to see if I get signal, but I think I will give it is try one of these days. Hope everything is going well with everyone there back in the states (or where ever you are in the world).

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