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Now in Bahrain

Well I am currently sitting in an internet cafe in the Kindom of Bahrain. Not really much to talk about since I am not leaving the base here during my visit. This is my 5th time here so it isn't really anything new. I did activate Cingular International, and within minutes of clicking submit, my phone started roaming on Mobile One. Guess they use the 1800 band as well. Funny with all the talks of needing a quadband phone (which I still prefer), I have been able to use my phone everywhere we have stopped. Not that I am going to use international for much more than SMS though (which for Bahrain it is $0.50 sent, and free incoming sms). For phone calls I will still rely on DSN and make a local or $0.03 per minute call versus $1.69 per minute. Still nice to have the ability though, so I will be able to use it if I really feel the need. Well that is about it for now. Until next time...

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