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Hello From Thailand

Posted by GrYph0n, Jul 15 2006, 09:49 AM in WM Gadget Related

Well I am in Phuket, Thailand now, and I am haveing a pretty good time. First thing on my agenda was a prepaid SIM which I got right away. It is a pretty good international card from AIS that provides me with load of data, and international long distance to the US at about $0.26 per minute (beats Cingulars $1.29 per minute they would charge me). Not only that, I get free incoming calls as well. My accomodations are nice, got a junior suite at a four star hotes with a balocony overlooking the pool and out to the ocean (about 300-500meters away). All and all things are going pretty well and the Smartflip is working out great. It is nice to finally have edge going at 200+K instead of the old regular GPRS. Now I am starting to look forward to 3G speeds. At any rate if anyone happens to be in Thailand in the Phuket area, then give me a call at 66 57 899 210, and we may be able to meet up for a few beers.

I am sure that many of you have noticed that I haven't been around much over the last few weeks. That is simply because I can't access the site at all from ship. We changed "hosts" and for some reason on this one MGN is blocked. I imagine that it is a generic block on blogs and what not, though not all blogs are blocked, just most of the ones that I visited regularly. Sorry, but I don't think I will be on much anymore until I am back in the states (lower 48). I wish I could be here to answer any smartflip questions anyone may have. Well I will be home soon enough, and right back into the swing of things where I will have a little more time and ability to invest back into the community. Oh, special thanks to awarner for hooking me up with the AIS data settings in no time at all. Hope everything is well with everyone in your parts of the world.


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