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Things Change

Posted by GrYph0n, Mar 19 2006, 12:24 PM in Military Career Related

Well if there is one thing a person at sea can count on is that plans and things change. Usually they change at the last possible minute. Most of the time it isn't a big deal because I can roll with the punches and think on the move, but some changes really throw a wrench in the works and bring everyone down. This change in particular involves the port I mentioned before for R&R. We were scheduled to pull into Townsville, Australia yesterday, but we were diverted within 20 hours of pulling in. Now it is going to be much longer until we hit a port and I am about out of smokes. I had pleanty to get me through what was to be the next port. It isn't even a big deal on that though, we pulled into a port prior (Cairns) where I wasn't able to get off the ship at all, but I did manage to change quiet a bit of money to Australian dollars in preparation for Townsville because I didn't want to have to wait in even longer lines to do it there. Heh, now I have limited cash to use at the ship store and for sodas, so it is going to be an interesting period of time between now and the next port of call. Yeah, it may seem like I am complaining, but honestly I am, it was within reach and then we pulled away because of cyclone Larry (the reason we left). Anyone that has been to Australia knows exactly why I am a little more than upset we didn't get to go. I have been to Australia once before and it was the most amazing place that I have visited yet, but Thialand is a close second. I can't really get into where I am going, but it is known for cheaper electronics and such so I may stumble upon some pretty cool gadgets. I will make sure I have my phone with me to take some pictures if I see anything before I have the chance to get a camera. I will try to post more once we get there, esp. if I have anything interesting to report. Hope everyone is doing well back in the states, I am doing what I can to maintain sanity out here...


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