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I really need a camera...

Posted by GrYph0n, Mar 13 2006, 09:53 AM in Military Career Related

Yup, I think I am going to break down and finally get another camera. I left my only one back home with the wife, and it isn't all that great to begin with.

I just really need to digitally capture all the things that there is to see out here. Everything from helo operations, refueling (belive it or not, it is pretty cool), and other misc things. Plus the amazing scenes, like the water where I am at is so amazingly clear (well a blue greenish color) you can almost see to the bottom. I have been here before and done a little snorkling off of the reef (think hard about that one), and it was amazing. I should be stopping in a port for some R&R in the coming future (where I plan to buy a camera). Once I get a camera, I will try to share some of my pictures depending on time and computer availablilty since the internet is sub dialup speeds normally. I guess I should be greatful considering that there was a day that snail mail was your best bet.

Well guess that is about it for now, I am going to try to catch up on some site reading...


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