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Still Here... (Somewhere!?!?!)

Posted by GrYph0n, Mar 9 2006, 12:28 PM in Military Career Related

Well I had some time to kill this evening, and thought I would check in with everyone. Not really too much to say from my end other than the ocean is a very big place wink.gif (No, this is not my first deployment by anymeans). I haven't seen land since we pulled out of Hawaii, and that can sometimes get depressing. One thing is for sure though, you will never see as beautiful of a night sky as you will at sea with absolutly no lights around (not even on the ship... Darken Ship). Belive it or not, I still use my phone (SMT5600) religiously, but not as a phone. It is my organizer and source of entertainment when I don't feel like lugging my PSP around. I have a few movies, games, music, etc stored on it so it helps me pass some time. Can't say where I am going, until I am there or already gone, it is that whole little Operational Security thing that I am sure you all understand. Heh, I just really wish I would have brought my camera, there are some amazing sites that most people won't ever have the chance to see themselves. Well guess that is it for now, still just chugging a long in the deep blue ocean waiting for my feet to be on land once again. Until then...

Oh yeah, Internet on ship is dreadfully slow (slower than dialup it seems), and it is difficult to find time on a computer. That is why I haven't been posting more, but I do try to check the headlines every few days or so...


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