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Dominick Alcid's MGN Blog

Entry #2

About 3 weeks have passed since my last (and very first) MGN blog entry. Keeping up blogs ain't easy...

About to get an imate K-Jam and look forward to sharing all of the highs and lows with other HTC Wizard owners out there. I'm not a power user by any stretch of the imagination, but I do expect reliability from my WM devices. I don't see doing too much more on the Kjam than I did on my 5600:

- web surfing
- checking emails (mmode and gmail x 4)
- SMS'ing every now and then
- playing a simple game (sudoku, yachtzee)
- syncing my Outlook contacts, calendar and notes (this last one with SmartPhone Notes)
- listening to tunes
- holding my Flexwallet info
- anything else?...

Oh yeah, and TALKING to people. I see my self viewing documents, but not too too much else. And videos? Won't be doing too much of that either, unless it's easy to download via wifi (I don't have a home PC and work is a bit strict with that type of stuff). I think I want the Kjam for the larger surfing viewing area, the EDGE, and the keyboard function. Will I be disappointed or pleasantly surprised? We'll see (at least I'm getting a used one on the cheap.) I'll always have my trusty 5600 to fall back to...

As a Maryland resident, I will sign off by giving props to the 2006 NCAA Womens Division I Basketball champs: the University of Maryland Lady Terps. Nice one, ladies.

Until next time//dom

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