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Independent Windows Developer Co-Op for Your Sales

Recently MobileGadgetNews posted the story of John Cody, an independent Windows Mobile software developer and with Handango. Apparently mis-understanding and mis-communication led to John and his company, Omnisoft, being dropped by Handango. After reviewing this I thought "Why don't these independent software developers get together and form a Co-Op to sell their Windows Mobile software. All these products are delivered via internet or over the wire so there is no hassle of packaging, delivery logistics etc. Actions independent developers could take may include:

1. Form a developers board of director for the sales co-op and set standards. Make the organization itself a not for profit.
2. Assess the cost to bring a web platform for sales up and seed with a co-op membership fee. With todays reseller technologies I can't believe this would be a huge expense.
3. Use sites such as MGN to get the word out to the market place.

Developers, why not take control and give the end-users a better service than the hassles we all go through with some of the current vendors. Plus no middleman to clip everyone, consumer and developer.

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