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Windows Home Server Going Gold and is Worth a Look

Posted by abatis, Jul 22 2007, 08:06 PM

I have been a beta tester for Microsoft's new Home Server product for the past 5 months and can say that it is a great package if you have multiple users at home. Windows Home Server features a very easy setup that most any parent could handle. What I really like about the Home Server is the piece of mind you get from nightly backups of all your machines. In addition, you can share photos, music etc., with any machine on your network including your Xbox360. I am also able to access the Home Server files from my Linux box but it will not backup a Linux machine. The backups are very compact as Microsoft employs their cluster management system. It is a very clever backup scheme and it works well. Home Server also allows you to connect to your machines from a remote web browser if you turn on Remote Access. The official features include:

Protect the things you care about
Keep all those digital memories safe for future generations with features like automatic daily backups and full system restore.

Connect with your friends and family
Share your photos, music, movies, and other files from a single, central location that everyone in your home can get to. Friends and family can see and share any files you want, whether they're in another room or another country.

Organize everything all in one place
This smart hub helps your family organize all your shared files in one place. Windows Home Server cuts down on clutter and brings order to digital chaos.

Grow into the future
You can add more space easily whenever you need it, so no more hard choices about what to keep and what to delete. And new products and services will be added as Windows Home Server keeps growing and getting better.

My beta license will expire in the next month or so but I plan to buy the Home Server product if the price is right. I image a number of vendors will offer Home Server box's all setup and ready to go. Otherwise you will need a spare 64bit box to run the Home Server on. Barebone 64bit boxes are pretty cheap these days. Also, you run the Home Server "headless" (no screen, keyboard or mouse) so no investment in those items are needed.

Check out the Microsoft Home Server

If you are a beta tester be sure to sign up for a livenode address and get your preferred address reserved.

I also suggest you check out the helpful Home Server add-ons people are developing. Check out We Got Served.


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