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I bought an XM Radio

Lately I have been doing some serious long drives across the Western US including Colorado to California and Colorado to Montana. I get pretty bored with CDs and my usual music on these drives. My regular music is OK for a 3 to 5 hour flight but a 10 plus hour drive requires additional stimulation. I ended up getting a Pioneer Inno XM. It is a nice device that allow you to make your own Playlist (MP3, WMA) and has access to the 170 plus XM channels. The unit is not cheap but currently includes a $50 manufacturer rebate. The rebate will just about cover the cost of a car kit so you can use the Inno in the car without a headset. The unit comes with everything you need to hook up to as home stereo. The car kit is needed if you want to connect to your FM car receiver using the Inno FM transmitter. So far I am impressed with the XM choices and the versatility of thehttp://

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