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The Future of Things to Come

Posted by abatis, May 11 2006, 03:41 AM

Ron Enderle over at TechNesWorld has written several interesting pieces on the future of computing. I have to admit I am an OS nut and run a multi boot system including Windows XP pro, Windows XP 64 Bit, Linux (FC3) and Vista Beta Ultimate Pro. Ron has some great points about what many OS developers even Linux are missing and what the future might be. Who are the innovators in the market place? What do we gadget nuts have to look forward to?

Ron says:

Every indicator is pointing to this thing being closer to a smartphone than a laptop computer. It will be designed to be connected wirelessly over a variety of wireless wide and local area networks. Given this will assume a competitively fast wireless network but will still have to perform some functions without it, the offering will reverse today's model which favors local processing over network capability.

I think Ron's articles are worth a read.

What's After Windows - and Who Does it Come From?


Why Linux May Never Be a True Desktop OS


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