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A Day at the Beach

Posted by abatis, Jul 8 2006, 02:41 AM

Last week I was on vacation in beautiful Carlsbad, California. Our primary goal was to attend the wedding of my nephew. I am proud to say my nephew is US Marine Gunnery Sergeant Burgess, two tours in Iraq, shot down in Najaf, Iraq and a true hero. We are very happy for him and Kim his wife. Since the wedding was in Vista, CA we decided to add a few days to the trip and enjoy the Pacific Ocean.

Knowing that I was going to be on the road for 6 days I packed my Verizon i730 with EVDO, a Sprint a920 with EVDO coverage, a Dell 600 laptop running WindowsXP and a Toshiba M4 Tablet running windows Vista Beta 2.

We stayed at the Carlsbad Inn (nice) which was equipped with WiFi but only in the main inn lobby area. We were staying in a condo unit and there was only WiFi coverage from adjacent local business locations including a guitar store. I decided I was only going to use EVDO from either Sprint or Verizon to connect to the internet and check on MobileGadgetNews.com.

I decided to use my Sprint EVDO connection as my main connection to the internet. First screw up of the trip. I had grabbed a VOQ connector off my desk instead of the Samsung 920 connector. No free Sprint Sprint Ambassador connection bummer. I had to connect using the Verizon modem via EVDO. Actually this turned out to be a great connection and allowed full phone use of the i730 while using the EVDO network. The only hassle was the phone was physically connected to my laptop. It was nice that I could talk and be on the internet at EVDO speeds simultaneous.

On Thursday I receive an email from GrYph0n that informed me that there was a critical security update for MGN from our forum provider Invision. Given all the recent hacking of boards I decided I have to roll the dice and do all the security updates via Verizon EVDO. I can say all the MGN security updates were downloaded and implemented via Verizon EVDO. We had success using EVDO and securing MGN for our users.


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