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Kudos to Verizon Customer Service on Samsung i760 Purchase

Posted by abatis, Oct 22 2007, 02:59 PM

I decided to try the Verizon Samsung i760 out and ordered one on-line using our corporate discount program on Oct 19. Later, on Oct 20, I received an email that I had mis-entered my credit card number and I should call 800-922-0204 to finish my order. I called the 800 number and went through all the ques. I ended up talking with an actual American-English speaking customer service representative named Brian. I bring up the American English speaking because the times I have called Sprint customer service I generally end up in an Indian call center and I have a hard time understanding the Queens English via an Indian accent. No knock on the Indian customer service people, I just have a hard time understanding most of them. Anyway, Verizon Brian was very helpful and openly discussed how impressed he was with the i760 when Samsung came in and demonstrated it the month before. He is a Samsung i730 user and was looking forward to upgrading to the Samsung i760. The only rub is Verizon employees aren't allowed to buy the Samsung i760 yet. He said the only peculiar thing about the phone for him is the stylus slides in to the side of the phone not from the top. I think I can get use to that. Anyway I have 30 days to see if the Samsung i760 is worth an extra $30/month over my Sprint Sero plan.


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