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Vista - My Early Woes to use the Family Discount Offer

Posted by abatis, Jan 31 2007, 05:04 PM

I share these early Vista woes with you only to let people know they are not the only ones with a few issues. First, Vista Ultimate 64 bit runs fantastic on my ASUS A8N-Sli board and AMD X2 4800 CPU. However, a few launch foibles are troubling many.
Update 2/3/07 - New email from MS with valid keys. Hooray.
Update 2/2/07 The Keys Microsoft issues are not for Vista and do not work. But here is a work around for the meantime.
With a clean drive, install Vista by booting from the DVD but do not enter the key when asked. This installs Vista as a 30 day trial. Once complete, run the installation from inside Vista and do an in-place upgrade. Paul Throratt came up with that one.

Update 1/31 12:30 MST - Family Offer site is now working.

For instance, I wanted to use the Family Discount Offer to get two Vista Home Premium licenses for $50 bucks each. That way I can upgrade the kids machine for a total of $100. This is all done from the following Windows Family Discount Site. The only problem, the offer does not work for me and many others as discussed over at the Vista Community site. Al little disappointing the MS site does not work properly.

Second if you access the site from IE7 under Vista Ultimate 64 (maybe other versions as well), the security graphic does not appear and you have to listen to an audio 10 digit code to enter the offer information. Do they really want it to be this big a pain in the you know what?

I think the VISTA User security features are also going to drive people nuts with the dialog boxes. But I will be turning that off.

On the positive Halo loaded right up and played nice.


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