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A Day at the Beach

Posted by abatis, Jul 8 2006, 02:41 AM

Last week I was on vacation in beautiful Carlsbad, California. Our primary goal was to attend the wedding of my nephew. I am proud to say my nephew is US Marine Gunnery Sergeant Burgess, two tours in Iraq, shot down in Najaf, Iraq and a true hero. We are very happy for him and Kim his wife. Since the wedding was in Vista, CA we decided to add a few days to the trip and enjoy the Pacific Ocean.

Knowing that I was going to be on the road for 6 days I packed my Verizon i730 with EVDO, a Sprint a920 with EVDO coverage, a Dell 600 laptop running WindowsXP and a Toshiba M4 Tablet running windows Vista Beta 2.

We stayed at the Carlsbad Inn (nice) which was equipped with WiFi but only in the main inn lobby area. We were staying in a condo unit and there was only WiFi coverage from adjacent local business locations including a guitar store. I decided I was only going to use EVDO from either Sprint or Verizon to connect to the internet and check on MobileGadgetNews.com.

I decided to use my Sprint EVDO connection as my main connection to the internet. First screw up of the trip. I had grabbed a VOQ connector off my desk instead of the Samsung 920 connector. No free Sprint Sprint Ambassador connection bummer. I had to connect using the Verizon modem via EVDO. Actually this turned out to be a great connection and allowed full phone use of the i730 while using the EVDO network. The only hassle was the phone was physically connected to my laptop. It was nice that I could talk and be on the internet at EVDO speeds simultaneous.

On Thursday I receive an email from GrYph0n that informed me that there was a critical security update for MGN from our forum provider Invision. Given all the recent hacking of boards I decided I have to roll the dice and do all the security updates via Verizon EVDO. I can say all the MGN security updates were downloaded and implemented via Verizon EVDO. We had success using EVDO and securing MGN for our users.

Microsoft and Q Advertising is Pretty Amazing

Posted by abatis, Jun 16 2006, 03:25 AM

I was flying back to Denver from Pittsburgh the other day on a US Air Airbus 320. When the attendant finally got to my seat area I folded down my tray from the seat back so I could set my beverage down. I noticed that my entire tray top was a Microsoft Windows Mobile advertisement. I looked at my neighbors tray and they were all Windows Mobile advertisements talking about the attributes of Windows Mobile. Mainly the PPC traits that include Word and Excel. I opened the US Air Magazine and there was a full page advertisement for the Motorola Q. I landed at DIA in Denver on Concourse C and as I am walking to the Central portion of the concourse I look up and see a gigantic ad for the Verizon Q. Microsoft, Motorola and Verizon are really pulling out all the stops in getting the word out on the Q device and Windows Mobile as a superior solution to the Blackberry. I think it is great since quite frankly I would not be involved in this site if I did not believe in Windows Mobile as a great solution for communication/business/entertainment on a mobile device.

The missing ingredient in the Q is the ability to actually work with Word and Excel documents (not just view). Microsoft really needs to get Word and Excel for Smartphone out to the market. I think many people would pay for Word and Excel for Smartphone if it is priced reasonably, say $39-$49 for both.

Microsoft we are begging you to get this out. Charge us, do your crazy validation but get the Smartphone platform up to snuff.

[attachmentid=208] I want to use Word and Excel.

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MobileGadgetNews makes PocketPC Magazine Best List

Posted by abatis, May 16 2006, 04:02 AM

All of us here at MobileGadgetNews are proud that our site made PocketPC and SmartPhone Magazine's Best List. Our staff is dedicated to Making Your Windows Mobile Life Simpler and our viewers are The Best. It is great when we see members helping members solve a problem or learn something new about their Windows Mobile device. Thanks to everyone for participating in MobileGadgetNews, you make us one of The Best.


PocketPC and Smartphone Magazine is not an MGN sponsor but I enjoy my paid subscription to their magazine. I recommend you check their site out.
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The Future of Things to Come

Posted by abatis, May 11 2006, 03:41 AM

Ron Enderle over at TechNesWorld has written several interesting pieces on the future of computing. I have to admit I am an OS nut and run a multi boot system including Windows XP pro, Windows XP 64 Bit, Linux (FC3) and Vista Beta Ultimate Pro. Ron has some great points about what many OS developers even Linux are missing and what the future might be. Who are the innovators in the market place? What do we gadget nuts have to look forward to?

Ron says:

Every indicator is pointing to this thing being closer to a smartphone than a laptop computer. It will be designed to be connected wirelessly over a variety of wireless wide and local area networks. Given this will assume a competitively fast wireless network but will still have to perform some functions without it, the offering will reverse today's model which favors local processing over network capability.

I think Ron's articles are worth a read.

What's After Windows - and Who Does it Come From?


Why Linux May Never Be a True Desktop OS

Sprint Ambassador - Tethering

Posted by abatis, Mar 23 2006, 03:22 AM

I sent Sprint a request to tether my phone to the PC. Here is the respose and instructions:.

Be Your Own Hot Spot
Sprint Ambassador Update

Your Sprint PowerVision phone is now equipped to provide a high-speed
wireless internet connection to your computer. You can send and receive
email, browse the Internet, and access your company's network anywhere
on the Sprint Power Vision Network with DSL-like speeds (300-800 Kbps).
This service has now been applied to your phone and is ready for use!

1. Go to www.sprint.com/downloads to download and install the Sprint PCS
Connection Manager for your specific operating system (compatible with
Windows 2000 and XP).
2. Connect your phone to your PC using the USB cable.
3. Launch the Sprint PCS Connection Manager software, select a profile,
and click Connect.
4. Once the connection is established, you should be ready to do
anything you would do using a traditional data connection.

For technical issues, please contact Customer Solutions at (888)

(Please note: The phone as modem feature is not compatible with Mac OS
at this time).

Sprint Samsung A920 - a Non-Windows Experience

Posted by abatis, Mar 7 2006, 01:52 PM

Recently Sprint invited owners of various Tech websites and Blogs to try out their new Samsung A920 Multimedia phone for a free 6 month trial. Here is what Sprint sent and it describes the deal:

The Sprint Ambassador Program is all about exploring our latest products and services and allows you to give direct feedback to Sprint. We recently launched the Sprint Power Vision (SM) Network and want to provide you with the full experience, at no charge. Sprint Power Vision Network enables customers to download data at faster speeds and experience new data products.

So what's the deal?
As a qualified participant, we will send you one Sprint Power Vision phone and provide you with six months of all-access service (at no charge). You'll have access to the Sprint Music Store(SM) live TV broadcasts, gaming and more. Yes, you will also have unlimited free calling and data service. It's a pretty good deal and all we ask for in return is your candid feedback (you decide how much and how often).

This is a cool deal in deed. So far I am really enjoying the phone. My wife is scratching her head on why I am watching TV on that little screen but is a great way to catch the Weather Channel or CNN. Yes they have Cartoon Network as well. My only complaint so far as there is no software out there to transfer contacts or schedule from your PC to phone yet. They send you a usb cable but it is used for tethering your EVDO network connection to your laptop or PC. I will be publishing my ongoing experiences as I use the phone. I am really liking the Samsung A920.
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Compromise - end user ripoff?

Posted by abatis, Feb 28 2006, 05:02 AM

I just have to come out and say it is sad to see people paying top dollar for devices that do not fully perform. I believe Microsoft has developed a really good mobile OS in WM5. However we see manufacturers come out with devices like the Palm 700W that in my opinion make to many compromises, like why only 32 MB of RAM. Experienced users like cortez say

my 700w is about to drive me NUTS!!! it's been reseting on it's on and 50% of the time it will not wake up from sleep mode. in fact one reset wiped out all of my contacts, email, etc... the form factor of the 700w is awesome, but these problems are causing me to consider another (company phone) device. have you had any issues similar to mine?

The software is there, the manufacturers and carriers keep compromising to beat each other in price or timing to the market (my opinion).

Could some carrier just stand up and say we want a great device for our users? Is this too much for the Windows Mobile users to ask?

GrYph0n Officially Checks in and other MGN News

Posted by abatis, Feb 26 2006, 02:54 PM

It was great to see our own US Marine and MGN Admin GrYph0n post an update over in his Blog?. This week thanks to Sean's creativity we have a new banner for our MGN reviews. We like it and hope you enjoy the many reviews we have coming your way.

MGN had a couple of interesting new reviews including Omega2008 's Sony Ericsson HBH-608 Review and Smeg36's review of the Vaja i-volution T7 Palm Treo 700w Case. I have to admit I am still looking for a BT headset I like. I have tried three different ones, maybe the HBH-608 is worth a try based on Omega's review.

Our most read News lead was The Undude's link to the Engadget Review of Cingular 8125. It looks like another nice choice in a market full of very good Windows Mobile devices. It seems like almost every week HTC or someone is introducing a feature rich WM5 phone.

Speaking of WM5 phones, I have sitting on my shelf a brand new Imate SP5. I would like to play with it but on March 26 I will be shipping it to one lucky new MGN subscriber. We have launched our new subscription program. We have great software for you and we appreciate your help to support the site. Check out the Paid Subscription program in your My Controls panel. Please have another safe and prosperous week and we will try to keep Making Your Windows Mobile Life Simpler.

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Another week

Posted by abatis, Feb 19 2006, 01:58 AM

MGN has brought you a lot of news this week on the happenings in Barcelona. There are a number of new Windows Mobile units coming out in the near future and The Undude has built a great list for you Here. Personally I think the HTC Star Trek also known as Imate Smartflip might get me interested in a SmartPhone again.

I am getting pretty excited about going to the SmartPhone Summit in April. Our very own MVP, reydiodj , has snagged several MobileGadgetNews press passes and we are going. April in Vegas is pretty nice. You will get the direct news with pictures from your very own press corp.

We had a staff birthday this week. Smeg36 may now be Smeg37, I don't know. But we wish him many more.

Thanks for being part of MobileGadgetNews.


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Weekly Wrapup Feb 11, 2006

Posted by abatis, Feb 12 2006, 05:49 PM

Well the week is about over and after posting the story on Fed Cyber Storm I decided not to use my Blog for any purpose related to treason. I think the big story for the week on MGN was on Cingular starting to sell the much anticipated 8125. We did find out something in omega2008's news thread. Warren Buffet must not be making the phone plan purchase deals himself these days. Never the less, the 8125 looks like it is going to be a big success.

The Undude kept us up on the BlackBerry NPT issues and the alleged work around in case they have to shut off parts of the service. I read somewhere that it might take IT people for big companies several months to implement the work around. Sound like a great reason to use a Windows Mobile solution.

Now we are going to see if you are even reading the blogs these days or at least looking at this one. MGN is preparing to launch the 2006 subscriber program. We have been working on getting support from a number of great sponsors and our new subscribers are going to get great value and also help the site out. Now here is the big part, we have acquired a brand new Imate SP5 and one lucky new subscriber is going to get it. Details are coming. We will announce when the program is launching - soon. I wish you a safe and satisfying weekend.
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