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Sprint Phase III of the Ambassador Program

Posted by abatis, Mar 23 2007, 03:52 AM

I am pleased to have been selected for Sprint's Phase III of the Ambassador program. Of the 150 people selected I have chosen a Yet-to-be-released Phone (YTBR) phone as it sounded more interesting than the Samsung M610. But hey, for free everything service I will take what I get.

Phase III of the Ambassador Program continues to allow you to explore our latest products and services and give direct feedback to Sprint. As a qualified participant, we will send you one Sprint Power Vision phone and provide you with 6 months of all-access service (at no charge). You’ll have access to all the Sprint features you’ve become acquainted with, as well as some new ones. As always, all we ask for in return is your candid feedback (you decide how much and how often).

What phones do I have to choose from?
For Phase III, we are offering a choice of 2 phones for those who were with us from the start (Phase I). IMPORTANT! You have a first-come, first-serve opportunity to choose which phone you would like. Quantities are limited for each phone, so we will try and make everyone happy, but please understand if we’re unable to offer you your first choice. The two phone choices are below:

- For information about the Sprint-exclusive Samsung M610, go here: <http://ambassador.sprint.com/Faq.aspx>
- For information about the Yet-To-Be-Released (YTBR) Sprint-exclusive phone, download the PDF document here: <http://ambassador.sprint.com/documents/SprintAmbassadorPhone.pdf>

I will keep you posted as Phase III develops.

Not sure about Vista - Try it for a 120 Days

Posted by abatis, Feb 2 2007, 07:02 PM

From Buch Hodges: Every Vista DVD includes the ability to install any edition of Vista without a product key. When you install without a product key, you get an automatic 30 day evaluation period.* This probably isn't news to anyone.

What may be news to you, however, is that you can easily extend the 30-day Windows Vista grace period to 120 days. No hacks required. This is an official, supported operation directly from Microsoft.

To extend the grace period another 30 days, simply start a command prompt as Administrator, and issue this command:

slmgr -rearm

Reboot for the change to take effect, and voila, you have 30 more days. You can only extend three times, so the total grace period for a Vista evaluation is 120 days. You do, however, need to be careful that you've installed the correct edition of Vista. At the end of that 120 day grace period, you'll have to pony up a license fee for the edition of Vista you've installed.

Vista User Access Protection can drive you nuts, how to turn it off/on

Posted by abatis, Jan 31 2007, 05:42 PM

The Vista User Access Protection can drive you nuts as you transfer and setup files and programs to your new Vista install. If you want to turn it off in the short-term (not recommended for normal ops) here's how to turn it on or turn it off.
Enable or Disable UAP:

1. Click Start
2. Click Control Panel
3. Select System and Maintenance
4. Click Administrative Tools
5. Double-click System Configuration
6. Click Continue (if prompted)
7. Select the Tools tab in the System Configuration window
8. Here you can choose Disable UAP or Enable UAP from the bottom of the listbox
9. Click Launch
10. Reboot to see effect

Vista - My Early Woes to use the Family Discount Offer

Posted by abatis, Jan 31 2007, 05:04 PM

I share these early Vista woes with you only to let people know they are not the only ones with a few issues. First, Vista Ultimate 64 bit runs fantastic on my ASUS A8N-Sli board and AMD X2 4800 CPU. However, a few launch foibles are troubling many.
Update 2/3/07 - New email from MS with valid keys. Hooray.
Update 2/2/07 The Keys Microsoft issues are not for Vista and do not work. But here is a work around for the meantime.
With a clean drive, install Vista by booting from the DVD but do not enter the key when asked. This installs Vista as a 30 day trial. Once complete, run the installation from inside Vista and do an in-place upgrade. Paul Throratt came up with that one.

Update 1/31 12:30 MST - Family Offer site is now working.

For instance, I wanted to use the Family Discount Offer to get two Vista Home Premium licenses for $50 bucks each. That way I can upgrade the kids machine for a total of $100. This is all done from the following Windows Family Discount Site. The only problem, the offer does not work for me and many others as discussed over at the Vista Community site. Al little disappointing the MS site does not work properly.

Second if you access the site from IE7 under Vista Ultimate 64 (maybe other versions as well), the security graphic does not appear and you have to listen to an audio 10 digit code to enter the offer information. Do they really want it to be this big a pain in the you know what?

I think the VISTA User security features are also going to drive people nuts with the dialog boxes. But I will be turning that off.

On the positive Halo loaded right up and played nice.

I bought an XM Radio

Posted by abatis, Jan 9 2007, 03:30 AM

Lately I have been doing some serious long drives across the Western US including Colorado to California and Colorado to Montana. I get pretty bored with CDs and my usual music on these drives. My regular music is OK for a 3 to 5 hour flight but a 10 plus hour drive requires additional stimulation. I ended up getting a Pioneer Inno XM. It is a nice device that allow you to make your own Playlist (MP3, WMA) and has access to the 170 plus XM channels. The unit is not cheap but currently includes a $50 manufacturer rebate. The rebate will just about cover the cost of a car kit so you can use the Inno in the car without a headset. The unit comes with everything you need to hook up to as home stereo. The car kit is needed if you want to connect to your FM car receiver using the Inno FM transmitter. So far I am impressed with the XM choices and the versatility of the Pioneer Inno.

Independent Windows Developer Co-Op for Your Sales

Posted by abatis, Oct 30 2006, 01:42 PM

Recently MobileGadgetNews posted the story of John Cody, an independent Windows Mobile software developer and his plight with Handango. Apparently mis-understanding and mis-communication led to John and his company, Omnisoft, being dropped by Handango. After reviewing this I thought "Why don't these independent software developers get together and form a Co-Op to sell their Windows Mobile software. All these products are delivered via internet or over the wire so there is no hassle of packaging, delivery logistics etc. Actions independent developers could take may include:

1. Form a developers board of director for the sales co-op and set standards. Make the organization itself a not for profit.
2. Assess the cost to bring a web platform for sales up and seed with a co-op membership fee. With todays reseller technologies I can't believe this would be a huge expense.
3. Use sites such as MGN to get the word out to the market place.

Developers, why not take control and give the end-users a better service than the hassles we all go through with some of the current vendors. Plus no middleman to clip everyone, consumer and developer.


Posted by abatis, Aug 13 2006, 03:50 AM

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One Year with the Samsung i730

Posted by abatis, Aug 4 2006, 05:21 PM

I celebrated one year using my Samsung i730 this last month. That is a new milestone for me and a Windows Mobile device. Rarely have I kept using a particular SP or PPC for more than six months as my primary device. I have owned several MPX200s, Audiovox 5600 (still have two), I-mate PDA2K, I-Mate SP5, Motorola Q (lasted two days), Voq (A11 and still own an A10) and most recently bought my wife a Qtek 8500 (Great SP).

But I have to ask myself why have I not bought some other newer model PPC or SP to replace this one year old Samsung i730. My main reasons for keeping it are:

  • It is an EVDO capable PPC. I can tether faster than GPRS, I have fast internet surfing and communication.
  • It has a thumb-pad.
  • The size is more appealing to me than the bulky PDA2K I was using.
  • Verizon has updated the operating to WM5.
  • The phone has a nice build and a very good screen.
  • The voice side of this PPC phone works fine compared to other PPCs I have tried.
  • It is widely supported by hackers like SuperDave over at PDAPhoneHome, eg. A2DP hack for BT stereo.
Other than the Qtek 8500 which is a SP and thus limited, I have not ran across a replacement for the i730 - yet. Actually I am waiting for the Samsung i770 - PPC but a flipper - it better be thin and use a SD card.


Posted by abatis, Jul 22 2006, 05:33 PM



Posted by abatis, Jul 22 2006, 05:29 PM

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